So now Australia is releasing episodes early! And it's just gonna continue on with future episodes this season! At this rate, we'll be getting the season finale in September 8th and 9th respectably! That'll give us a long gap before the Xmas special and by extension season 9! :O However, the awesome episodes just keep coming along! Let's get started with Friendship University! Well then... try not to say the intials! :P

So Twilight's got some computition, and who were the ones that made it? The Flim-Flam bros! Hey what's their last name anyway? Are they Flim Flimflam and Flam Flimflam (Mario movie much)? :P At first, I didn't want it to be them, I was actually hoping for Gladmane instead, but they worked so well in here! Even though I am getting a bit tired of them, thinking they'd be happy at Gladmane's, but then again, once greedy, you get really needy, right? ;) But they weren't the only ones that returned! We also got Chancellor Neighsay having a surprise return as well! How did the brothers get the idea of the Friendship U then? Well, maybe a bribe from Neighsay encouraged them to open it! I mean we know how he feels about Twilight's school! It had to be his doing! And since I believe Cozy Glow is his spy, she probably got the book for Neighsay and gave it to the brothers so they could plagarize it and open the school! Clever plan, I applaud Chris and Kevin for their very clever episodes like these!

But the real highlight in this episode is the return of Star Swirl the Bearded! I gotta say, he's very likable in here! He has the type of personality we wanted him to have back in the season seven finale! I was actually wondering what happened to the Pillars since then, and now we know what happened to Star Swirl! But what about the other Pillars, including Stygian? He was at least referenced by Star Swirl, but that's about it. It would be nice if we learned more about the Pillars later!

Chris and Kevin knew this series lacked a Twilight/Rarity episode, so using that duo was brillant! It was almost like a Cutie Map episode, only except it was a flier that brought Twilight and Rarity to the path of the university instead of the map! They really worked off well in this episode! But really, there isn't much the pair have in terms of how they interact. How they interact is pretty much natural, which I guess is why it took the writers so long to give them an episode together. Oh and I almost forgot! This fills in a bingo slot! Wow, I haven't filled in a slot in a while!

So it was a fantastic episode that really connected to the season's main arc! I enjoyed the song as well! The brothers' singing is something we haven't had since Leap of Faith! And on top of that, the return of Starswirl was a really nice touch! And not on top of that but to add in, the bottom right corner bingo slot as been filled because of Twilight and Rarity having an episode together! When was the last time I filled in a bingo slot? The Break Up Break Down maybe? Hopefully I can get more added in soon!

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