Before I start off this review, let me just say, that last blog post I made - yeah, that was an April Fools joke. Well, obviously! But I'm sure there was at least a couple of you that thought that. I did predict alot of season six, and even though Big Jim and I are pretty well acquainted, we ain't close friends as of yet, and even if we were, I would never ask him questions about MLP that would cost him his job, and he would never share that information with me unless I actually worked for the show. Also he didn't block me from Twitter. We're cool! ;) Ok, now that's taken care of, let's review the latest MLP episode!

Now this episode was alot better than I thought! I got a wee-bit tired of Rarity in Manehattan for a while now, and seeing that Rarity is expanding her shop again, it's just gonna be an endless circle of Canterlot Boutique and Rarity Takes Manehattan. However, this episode was alot better than that! Rarity at least tried to control herself over Manehattan since she reacts the same exact way every time she goes there, and not to mention it was Pinkie Pie that came with her this time! I've been wanting a Pinkie and Rarity episode for a long time, and that there is my first bingo slot filled for the season (other than Free Hugs)! That was also one of the bingo slots that have been on this bingo since the season five bingo, so I'm glad I don't have to worry about that slot anymore! Pinkie and Rarity are rarely together, but now that they have an episode to themselves without any other Mane Six around, we really got to know the relationship between the two! Judging by the teaser image, it would seem that Rainbow Dash was originally gonna be with Pinkie in this episode instead of Rarity, but then I guess the crew remembered that Pinkie and Rainbow are pretty overused together, and Pinkie and Rarity never had an episode together, so I'm really glad they changed it! Plus, I believe this continues the Rarity expansion story arc!

It was really nice to see how much more of Manehattan we got to see in this episode! This episode was a really great example of the Explore Equestria theme, because we didn't just see Bridle Way or neighborhoods. We got to see fancy restaurants, shops, we got to see the statue again, but more up close! You know, come to think of it, Pinkie committed a terrorist act in this episode! She brought a weapon to an important landmark! She brought her party cannon to the statue and fired it! In real life, that's considered a terrorism act! Not only that, but she laid her hooves a police officer! Pinkie should've been arrested in this episode! XD Also Guild did mention that it did look like she was about to break into the pouch store. Pinkie was so obnoxious in this episode! I guess Pinkie is so used to being in Ponyville where everypony is used to her, Manehattan is a very different place for her. Not everypony wants to be her friend in a place like that! I'd like to see her try though! ;) However, the fact that Pinkie would sacrifice her party cannon for her sister was very sweet, and I'm guessing Pinkie would wanna be friends with a jerk like me easily! She'd be friends with anyone! :D

Rarity was awesome in this episode too! Even though it didn't really focus on her finding a new location for her boutique that much, it was nice having another episode focusing on her, as well as Pinkie! The only thing that seemed kinda off was Pinkie and Rarity talking behind Maud's back with the menu, and then the giant ice cream that looks pretty expensive, and then the fact Rarity forgot to take a picture of Maud and Boulder behind that crack. Maud should've been suspicious, and she should've heard them. Perhaps she did, but didn't bother saying anything. I wonder if Pinkie ate that entire sundae though? Maud was really good in this episode! I've always liked Maud, and she was very funny in here! She was also the hero in here! There's really more to Maud that meets the eye, and even though Maud is quiet and emotionless most of the time, she's always loyal to those who are loyal to her! She really loves Pinkie, and she cares about Pinkie's friends too! Maud was scary in this episode too! It turns out she has a Maud Sense, and she can teleport from place to place much like how Pinkie logic works! Turns out, that logic runs in the family! Ponies so different like Pinkie and Maud are so alike in so many ways, it's uncanny! The Party Cannon played a major role in this episode, and that hasn't happened before! The party cannon was just a gag in certain Pinkie episodes, but now it plays an important role! You know, I thought Pinkie had multiple party cannons and not just that one. Oh that's right! Pinkie hid them all in the Castle of Friendship and can't find them! XD Now she's just left with that one! Ok, now the pouch pony: he really sounded familiar! He really seemed like a mobster. Why else would he want that cannon? Hey everyone, it's confirmed! The mafia exists in the MLP universe!

Anyways, I really loved this episode! It was funny, but also had its sweet moments! I really enjoyed it! I really hope we get to see Manehattan again, and I think we will! That picture of Babs Seed from the Facebook post, that's gotta be a future CMC episode with them going to Manehattan to see her, and probably at the same time, Rarity tries to open her second expansion. I dunno why she's opening another expansion though. Weren't things hard enough in Canterlot Boutique for her? It took a while for Sassy Saddles to finally get the Rules of Rarity. Rarity would probably hire Coco Pommel for this expansion, and Coco might not be as hard to get the rules as Sassy was. I was hoping to see Coco in here, but I guess not. Perhaps the episode where Rarity opens this expansion will be the episode we see Coco again. We did see Suri Polomare again, even though it was only in the BG!

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