So I'm actually writing this review post before Frenemies and Sweet and Smoky, cause I'm more of a "best for last" kinda person! Anyhoo, this post is gonna be pretty short, since not alot happened in this episode. So let's get on with Gonna Seed!

It was a short, but sweet episode! Only it wasn't short as in short length, but short as in, not much went on. But that's alright! It's a great episode about the Apple family, probably the last one focusing on themselves! Dave Rapp sure did well on Where the Apple Lies and he sure did well here too! It was quite a relaxing episode about a fairytale basically, like The Great Pumpkin, or the Easter Bunny, or Santa! Shows how foals have fun, and as some of them just lose their beliefs after so long and coming up to failure, like what happened to Applejack. But then her spirit finally returned after a while cause of Apple Bloom's spirit being contagious with joy, as well as all the coinkydinks! The relationship between AJ and Apple Bloom was the main highlight of the episode for sure! Oh and who knew Big Mac was the Great Seedling this whole time? XD Well to be honest, I sure did. He was tired for a reason! Not every day he was changing the schedule! Plus Big Mac is probably being the only reasonable adult there! Being the responsible one while sometimes being forgotten, no wonder he and Spike get along so well!

Big Mac was kinda suffering the "old Spike" syndrome in here, I felt pretty bad for him in this episode. Whenever anyone else got into a trap, AJ gave AB a glare, but when Big Mac fell into a trap, they just laughed. Didn't feel very good - but hey, he has a gf, and they don't, so wooo you Apple sisters! >:) Loved the cameo of Bright Mac and Pear Butter in here! I know for a fact Applegeek is gonna lose it when he sees this! :3 It did provide alota feels when Bright Mac gave Big Mac his pulling thingy that Big Mac wears around his neck now, and seeing baby Apple Bloom getting carried by Pear Butter was really sweet to see too! Plus hearing AJ tell Apple Bloom the story of how they told her the story of the Great Seedling, it was really sweet! Got some chuckles from Granny Smith and Goldie Delicious for sure in here! When Granny called AJ "part mule", I expected the Mule from the earlier seasons to make a cameo again as a callback! XD Then again, Wootten isn't around anymore so who could voice him? Unless they just reuse dialogue. And one other treat in this episode: Winona finally comes back after 2 seasons of absence! I missed her! No, the Equestria Girls Winona don't count!

So like I said, short but sweet episode! It's a bit of a filter compared to previous two episodes, but it wouldn't be FIM without the cute slice o' life episodes! ;) But that title was so misleading when I first saw it! I got excited for Babs Seed returning finally! Well there's probably one last chance for it to finally happen. The Last Crusade is two episodes away, so let's hope for her and her CMC friends finally!

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