Welp, got alot of recording done this week and the move is coming along nicely! Not sure how much of these I can do during the move, but I'll do what I can! Wow I'm gonna miss y'all when I move! All of you will be so far away, and it's gonna be so hard to see your bright shining faces from a far away place! Things are definitely gonna be very different, my friends! Very, very different! Oh wait... this is the interwebs, it ain't gonna be that different cause I can't see your bright shining faces anyway! :O Then you should definitely PM me a picture of yourselves if you can! But in the meantime, let's talk about Grannies Gone Wild!

Yeeeeeah, I'm not even gonna get started with the title because the rest of the fandom pretty much already discussed it. However, I will say this: the kids don't even know what it means, so it shouldn't be so inappropriate if they don't know what it means, right? It would only become inappropriate if their parents told them, which I doubt they'd do! ;) Actually, I take that back, cause you'd be quite surprised! XD Please don't Google that title. I didn't try it, but alot of the fandom are warning us so I'll take their warnings to heart, and I suggest you do the same! But let's talk about this super interesting episode! I gotta say, Berrow is a genius making this episode! Rainbow Dash taking care of Granny Smith and her group known as the "Golden Horseshoe Gals" while taking a trip to Las Pegasus? Now THIS was really something to look forward to once I read the synopsis for the first time! It's been a while since we seen Auntie Applesauce and Apple Rose, and this is certainly the most major episode Goldie Delicious had ever been a part of! Yunno what's even better? They went to Gladmane's Flim and Flam's resort! Was Granny even aware of the resort she booked? Well at least the brothers are really making a living of themselves there, and quite an ego they received! They're so busy with their new jobs, they weren't even in the episode! Well their story arc is concluded anyway! They're not reformed, but they did get a happy ending, and I say that's what should count for them!

So basically, I remember my Nana, Aunt Kay, Cousin Rosie, and Fran, they all went on a family cruise together, and holy Wizard of Feelings, I bet their experience was much similar to this; only without the overprotective chaperone! :P In all things considered though, all that's happened in this episode wasn't RD's fault. If Applejack didn't get to her, she probably wouldn't give a care in the world what happened to the Grannies, and just ride the coaster herself! Rainbow would just be there and say she "watched over the Grannies", but in all things considered, everypony was doing their own thing, and the nopony would know the difference! The Grannies do their thing, Rainbow does hers, they're on vacation to relax, and there ya go, not a problem at all! Of course AJ is really overprotective of her family, and I don't quite blame her. I wonder what it was like when Big Mac watched over the Grannies? Was it a similar experience or was Big Mac doing his own thing? If the latter, he probably misses being on that vacation from the farm! XD I know old people sometimes need to get looked after, but these grannies looked like they could take care of themselves! They're strong hearty elderly that just mastered a rollercoaster ride, something I'm too chickenpoop to do! :P I actually expected Rainbow to NOT be able to go on the coaster, but then the Grannies create another one for her once she got home, but I'm actually glad it turned out to be this way!

A ton of character cameos in here as well! Didn't expect Soarin, Fleetfoot, and Misty Fly to appear, and don't get me started on Trixie's dad! :O DJ Pon-3... how many clubs does she have? Is she the only DJ in Equestria or what? Seeing Svengallop in the BG during the night club scene, he also appeared in Viva Las Pegasus! Has he left since? I guess after Rara, his life started going down the drain! Welp, that's karma for ya! ;) Seeing this episode really made me wanna go to this resort, or go on vacation in general, cause I haven't been on vacation since last year Spring Break! Since I'm between colleges now, I'm pretty much in one big vacation from school, but not a vacation from my games and stories and such, which I kinda do nee a vacay on. Now about the "Wild Blue Yonder", I would NEVER go on that! Well, maybe if I master rollercoasters I might, but I have a big fear of rollercoasters so I don't care if it closes! Sorry RD! :3 However, I don't really think the coaster is actually gonna close. I think they might just remodel it, or just change the theme and name! The "Wild Blue Yonder" is closed to make way for the "Super Speedy Roller Squeezy 6000"! ;) Hey these companies can get ya like that, and this coaster is very popular so I don't think the brothers would go so far to just shut it all down! Unless they're like Disney, of course.

I know I got a little carried away about talking about my personal life in this review, but in all things considered, I really enjoyed this episode! Outta the 5 episodes I saw so far, I consider this one to be my favorite! So humorous, loved the interaction between Rainbow and Grannies, awesome story, awesome environment, understandable conflict, and even though this is a moral that's been used before, who cares? This was a FUN episode, and every season needs some of those fun episodes! This has to be Berrow's BEST episode so far! :D

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