Heeeeey, guess who just got back from Didney Worl! It's great living close to there - had alota different things to do there that I haven't done before! Like a tour in Magic Kingdom, and checking out some of the new stuff at MGM Studios, plus eating at Guy's Chicken over at Downtown! Still in the Disney zone right now - so gotta get used to being at home and returning to the way things were. So for starters, let's do a review on Growing Up is Hard to Do - the actual final Cutie Mark Crusaders episode! XD

So Ed Valentine is back for one final episode, and all his episodes except Three's A Crowd was a CMC episode, and other than Cart Before the Ponies, he never failed to disappoint! I know this is a story we seen before, especially Fairly Odd Parents making an episode very similar to this, but this was brought in a different light - showed more about the "responsibilities" of being an adult instead of it just losing the opportunities you had as a kid. As we see in here each of the Mane... Five... I dunno why they didn't ask Pinkie Pie... were too busy to go. Poor Big McIntosh, had to get sick a week before his wedding! XD Though it seems Rarity had less of an excuse to take them than everypony else, but I guess a promise is a promise, right? Did the CMCs even try asking anypony else to take them? Well, the problem here is that the CMCs seem alot more responsible than half the Mane 6 sometimes. I mean don't we have alota times where they act childish too? *cough*A Trivial Pursuit*cough* Being an "adult" isn't just physical growth, it's also mental growth, and their childish personalities still show even in their adult forms! Though having a "childish personality" really isn't a big deal to have - sometimes people having innocent childish personalities is what makes them more charming as people! Sure people might not take them seriously, but they are fun to have around! After all, Pinkie's still got that childish personality! Maybe that's why the CMCs didn't ask her. "And nopony told us to slow down even once!" I'm pretty sure they're just shocked to see a group of ponies who are supposed to be fillies turn out to be adults. :P

So basically we see more of their "responsibility" sides when we meet Cozy Glow Spur and Biscuit, with their little... doggy tornado creature... Bloofy. We can tell who's the more responsible one in the duo counting on who knows Bloofy best! If ya ask me, I'd say they both make compromises. Bloofy hasn't been around that many ponies before, huh? Well, have him get used to ponies! Take him to the fair, introduce him to a few ponies at a time, very slowly, and as time goes on, Bloofy will get used to a crowd! It'll probably take a long time to do though. See? Being Big is All It Takes, but slowly! Speaking of which, awesome song! Starting to warm up to Arielle Tuliao being the singing voice for Scootaloo, she sounds way more like Scoots in here than in Your Heart Is in Two Places! Ed Valentine really knows how to make cool music for this series! After all, he did make Hearts as Strong as Horses! Oh poor Twist in there. XD Hey, CMCs, nopony is forcing you to close your eyes at bedtime. It's not like your sisters are watching you sleep! :P I mean if you can keep them opened all night, go on ahead, but I won't hold my breath, your eyes are just gonna get heavier and heavier until...q[Jhj[e-o4jo[-wrhoj[-rwh[\oj-rewhj[-oherwo[j\-hrtJ|{_Oer[q[=WGHP J[W=4H[=JW Oh, what? What happened? Oh, sorry 'bout that. What was I saying? Oh yeah, awesome final song for the CMCs! The CMCs always have the best music in the series! ^^

And what do yunno, once again Fluttershy was the one that saved the day by giving Cozy Spur the advice she needed to calm Bloofy down! I guess she would make the best choice, huh? Flutters isn't giving certain others a chance to be the heroes anymore! I mean look at Sweet and Smoky and Daring Doubt, and one of those episodes just happened! Now, even though this episode shows the importance of being patient to grow up, this episode did have some moral problems. Why would Cozy Spur and Biscuit just trust a few strangers that popped outta the woods? Sure, they're adults, but adults can't always be trustworthy. This episode shows adults in way too much of a positive light, even that creepy ticket pony from Sounds of Silence. Glad he was helpful, but seriously, kids trusting random adults they dunno (especially from the woods) isn't a good idea. They coulda executed that so much better. Another pet peeve I had with this episode is, why can Sweetie Belle teleport? Sweetie Belle can teleport!? What happened to "magic that matches a special talent" thing from Boast Busters? Seems like any unicorn can be OP if they want to!

Regardless though, I did really enjoy the episode! Nice seeing that carnival, nice seeing that Trouble Shoes cameo! I saw a bearded mare and an Ursa Major plushy! Cozy Spur couldn't go on the ferris wheel cause she was too short, but couldn't she just fly up to the tall bar thingy? :P Saw Lyra and Bonnie's many cameos together this season on the ferris wheel! I mean this seems to be a recurring thing this season, like more than usual! Some of those ponies that appeared on the train appeared at the carnival, so the CMCs basically shoulda stayed on the train cause it was gonna get there eventually. I saw that Cheerilee look-alike in both places, one where she got surprised by the CMCs' singing and another cheering for Apple Bloom when she won the bell game. The CMCs as adults were pretty interesting as well! Outta all the CMCs, Sweetie Belle sounds the most different in my opinion! Apple Bloom seems to be the one less changed. Even her bow was still the same size! Poor Scoots still had those tiny wings though.

So yeah, as you can tell, despite the minor problems, I enjoyed this episode! Though here's one problem that's the most lame: this shoulda switched places with The Last Crusade, as that felt more like a final CMC episode than this one. This one felt like a bucket-list episode, cause it has season 6 written all over it (just add in Star Swirl the Bearded giving Twilight the magical flower). But we can easily change that! Know how? After episode 11, turn on this episode, and then when episode 22 comes around, watch The Last Crusade! Boom! Problem solved! :D

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