I'm gonna say what everyone else is saying: why is there a holiday special in the middle of August? :P Not only that but we have another one coming later this season! After that it's been 5 Hearth's Warming episodes! We better not see the Cake twins as babies still after this! This one marks the fourth one, so they should at least have their eyes grown by now! They still haven't a single episode this season yet, so perhaps there's a chance they'll be going through an image change pretty soon in the future! At least I hope so, this ain't The Simpsons! Characters grow up and go through changs! So that rule's gotta apply to everyone! :P

Regardless of when this Hearth's Warming episode aired, I really enjoyed this one! In fact, this one turned out to be my personal favorite so far! Why? Well because of the development of the Student 6 of course, and how far they've gone together so far! In all things considered, not alot happened in this episode, but the little that did happen, was truly heartwarming and also pretty funny! We got to know some of the backstories of the Student 6, and learn a little bit about the holidays in each of the other lands! When it comes to holidays, Silverstream's holiday was my favorite! Celebrating the 3 days of both land and sea and what has happened since My Little Pony The Movie with the hippogriffs and seaponies, it was really a clever holiday! But did Silverstream really celebrate it at all?

I mean, how much time went by since the movie? The Movie happened, then the School of Friendship opened right after, then 6 months went by with Fluttershy's Teacher of the Month award, now we're in Xmas time. Ok, so Non-Compete Clause took place 6 months after the school opened, and it wasn't snowing yet, so it's gotta be at least November, and 6 months from November is June! So the school opened in the middle of the Summer time! And Non-Compete Clause took place before Spike got his wings! Sooo... Silverstream never really celebrated that holiday, at least not if it takes place in December, if the months work the same way. And how can Ocellus know Hearth's Warming when the Changeling hive hasn't been freed from Queen Chrysalis over the year? The previous Hearth's Warming didn't happen until before the hive was freed. The timeline is pretty screwed up here.

Ok back to the Student 6! Silverstream had the best holiday, but Yona was pretty close! Wasn't just smashing, there was also family bonding time! Ocellus and Sandbar both had the funniest stories! And Smolder did indeed have an interesting, but she didn't talk about her past at all. I'll get back to that though. Gallus however... he truly made the episode! I didn't really expect it to be him that did the prank! I thought it was Cozy Glow, cause she's eeeeeeevillllll! >:) But I'm glad I was wrong! Gallus had a really good reason to! I felt so bad for him! Griffons are just the worst! Yunno they actually revealed in the series that Gallus is an orphan with no family! That has to touch alot of people! It's pretty close to the feels almost as much as The Perfect Pear! Gallus is truly lucky to have such amazing friends like the Student 6! This really gave alot of development to each of their characters!

Twilight and Rainbow Dash's methods to try to get one of the students to reveal themselves was understandable! Some people didn't like their methods, but not everything is rainbows and sunshine in this show anymore! Things are really getting serious, and Twilight is not afraid to punish, but only lightly! But it was still a heartwarming ending to see the students sacarfice their holdidays at home just to be with their lonely friend! I really loved this episode, and really hope to see alot more Student 6 development both with eachother, and outside their group!

So in this episode we met Sandbar's family, Yona's family, and all the changelings are pretty much family with eachother so Ocellus' family, and we realize Gallus has no family! I wonder... could Gallus be heir to Griffonstone royalty? That would be pretty amazing! It would be an awesome episode for season 9! Now I wanna see Gallus' family origins along with Spike's! Speaking of Spike's family... Smolder's the only student where her family is a complete mystery! My theory is still very much alive! Not confirmed, but still alive! :D

So the ratings of each Hearth's Warming episode from my most favorite to least favorite so far: This one, Hearthbreakers, Hearth's Warming Eve, and A Hearth's Warming Tail! Happy Holidays in August, brahs! Stay tuned for even more pony holidays later this year! ;) There is a chance that this episode could connect to Best Gift Ever!

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