Time for episode #11, and the second one this weekend! My neck still hurts, and we still didn't go to Rainforest Cafe yet. I was being serious when I asked y'all if you wanted to go. But hey, I understand. Too expensive. Let me know where you wanna eat in the comments below! Alright time for Honest Apple!

We all knew this kind of episode was going to come - Applejack learning about how honesty could be hurtful! This episode kinda looks more like a season 1 or 2 episode than a season 7 episode. It's nice going to back to the classics, huh right? Well... little did I know we'd have yet another episode focusing on both Applejack and Rarity! There are still some underused Mane Six duets, and some that weren't even used yet. At least this one is a bit better than the previous two. Can we just take a break with the Rarijack episodes for one season? Just one? Next season? I'm gonna add it to next season's bingo. Probably in the Princess Celestia slot, since we already got two Celestia episodes this season! At least this time, this is a Rarijack episode done right, and not just thrown in! This one had a great story behind it!

Applejack does indeed have an eye for being practical, and I understand Rarity's ways on having her be a judge along with Photo Finish and Hoity Toity (which, BTW, I'm glad to see again), but Rarity should've known in the first place that AJ might be too honest. But then again, there wouldn't be a conflict in the story! :3 Applejack was very much like Simon Cowell or Chef Ramzy in here by a long shot! Perhaps those two should see this episode! XD When AJ finally learned what being honest meant without being hurtful, it did indeed get a little rougher on her to find the right words to say, and I understand that completely. I do my best to be honest, and I have to find the right words to say! Sometimes I can be misleading, but it's not lying because what I say is indeed true, but some stuff I didn't bothering adding in. So I understand AJ's problem, and being honest can be tough, but it is needed in life! AJ did not lie, and she simply can't! She did learn that lying for the sake of making ponies happy can be wrong, so I guess that's pretty much all the honesty stories AJ can have? I mean there could be more, but I'm sure the writers can think of something! :3

Now let's talk about the new characters. They were each unique in their own way when it comes to fashion, and I gotta say, one of them kinda looked like Babs Seed! That her dad? One of them is gothic too, and Rarity really loves to explore different perspectives, and even uptight fashion critics like Hoity Toity and Photo Finish see it as well! I respect that! They're all pretty adventurous when it comes to fashion! Although I dunno why that pony was so ridiculously tall, like one of those bad OCs. Now there are some stuff in the episode that really bothered me that kinda affected the ratings. Now this episode isn't BAD, but a couple of things made this episode "not great". Number one: Again with the "Miss Pommel" thing. I'd rather not hear her name at all than hear that. I'm sure you can call her JUST "Coco" or JUST "Pommel", just not both of them together. C'mon, Coco's a cute name! Just call her Coco! That shouldn't be an issue. Another thing that bothered me: Rarity is still taking advantage over Spike's crush. I'll say it again: when is the crush gonna end? I'm gonna keep asking until someone in the staff answers, or an episode does. Meghan McCarthy said Sparity is more of a child crush, so that leaves only one other option: he gets tired of her. When is that gonna happen? I'm sure it's gonna happen sooner or later! Probably season 8. I'm sure the main characters can't change too much before the movie. After the movie is when we'll expect something like this! Good things come to those that wait, and wait I shall do! Just as long as it does happen, I'm content. Now my favorite part of the episode though: Rarity rocking out! I never would've expected something like that!

So yeah, overall good episode! It's not my least favorite this season, but it's not my most favorite either. I'm sure this here new writer might make some better episodes later in the season, and I'll be ready to see them!

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