Made in Manehattan, the second Manehattan episode in the series. Applejack and Rarity are the ones being sent to Manehattan to solve a friendship problem. I woulda thought there was enough AJ and Rarity episodes but I don't really care about that that much. Woo! We got to see Coco Pommel again! I liked her! I'm glad we didn't see Suri again, because her being a villain would be too expecting. There was no villain in here, which is pretty good. We don't need a villain all the time, do we?

Nicole made this episode, huh? I like the way she puts humor in her episodes! Dat pony with the accent near the end. XD I like the fact that she makes Spike sarcastic, which is what I pictured him. I can see Twilight doesn't like the fact that once again she wasn't chosen by the map to go anywhere, but luckily, she and Fluttershy are up next, and probably Spike along with them! So the fact that Rarity and AppleJack are chosen to go to some neighborhood that looked like it was outside the Manehattan island, I would've thought they were going to Bucklyn or something. Why not? During the time, I would've thought we were going to see Babs because the creators know how much we want her. Not even a cameo? Well, after seeing that fact, it made me think: she and her sister are going to the Sisterhooves Social! Hahahaha, maybe... ^_^;

So when I made the theory of this episode before the second half of the season was started, I said the Cutie Mark Crusaders are coming here to see Babs, and AppleJack is there wondering why the map called her there and she didn't know why. I got that part right! So my summary was half right! I just thought the fact with AppleJack being there was for family reasons. Haven't seen Babs or Aunt and Uncle Orange in a while. Hey, Coco was fine. I like her too. I'm glad we saw her again. But is she going to be the only chest key character that's going to appear this season? Well, other than Discord.

Anyways, I liked the moral! The fact that ponies could work together just a little bit at a time is... now that I think of it, it was used already in the first Equestria Girls. But still, not bad! The only thing that concerned me was, why build a stage and ponies watch it from the street? I mean, yeah, so ponies can see it when they walk by, but still, aren't all those taxi carriages going to come by, and all these ponies are going to block traffic? Hmm, guess it's a good excuse to stay and watch, huh? :P Is taxi carriages the only vehicles used in Manehattan? Y'know, actually, it makes sense. All I see is taxis when I go to New York, so that explains it. XD

What's taking so long to fill in a bingo slot? This second half of the season hasn't been too kind to me. The last episode of the Rarity trilogy! This one was my second favorite, with Rarity Investigates! being my first favorite, and Canterlot Boutique being the third. How about telling me in the comments? What is the order of episodes you liked during the Rarity trilogy?

See y'all at Friendship Games tonight! :D

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