So far, this is my new favorite episode this season! I mean story-wise I still like Tanks for the Memories more, but I like this one more because of all the references and humor it contains! I guess I'll tie Tanks for the Memories and this episode for the lead until I figure out which one I like the best; unless, of course, there's one that beats both of these! :D

Now last season we've been seeing alot of Discord, but now it kinda slowed down. My friend Keith kinda likes that. It's good to see him again, and his relationship with Fluttershy having it's ups and downs. When I first saw Tree Hugger I thought she was Fluttershy's cousin or something, but nope, I guess not. They could've put that in, it would be pretty plot-twisting! So like I said, I liked the humor in here! The sock-puppet live-action, this show is starting to look less like a girl's show and more like the old SpongeBob! ^_^ I find that to be a good thing! The many references, plus Rarity teasing that she's naked, but it would've fit Applejack saying her not really wear clothes quote at that moment. Now Discord is interacting with characters that aren't just the mane six, like he interacted with Spike for the third time in this episode, and he interacted with the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the first time! Well, in the show that is. It would seem some of the characters don't really respect Discord that much as of yet. Even though he did really good in the past, he's not really evil anymore, but more of an attention-whole now. I said whole, that's not a swear. :P

Now Tree Hugger, I pretty much liked as a character! At first she seemed like a hippie pony that seemed high on something, but she's pretty influential come to think of it. I hope she returns someday. The Smooze was also a cool character, but I don't really think he had enough screentime. I mean, yes, he did have alot of screentime, but you know, he didn't do much other than mess the whole gala up. But no matter. I actually thought the Smooze was going to be the antagonist on here instead of Discord, but it would seem Smooze couldn't just control itself over shinny objects. It's probably in it's gooey blood. :3 Nice seeing a G1 character be featured in G4! I hope Crunch the Rockdog appears one day as Star Swirl the Bearded's pet! :D

It was great seeing the CMCs at the gala, and it was great seeing Spike actually attend (in the background), and I'm glad I didn't see Prince Blueblood, but I was still pretty concerned on why Princess Luna didn't attend the gala AGAIN! Come on! Does Luna not enjoy the gala or something? But it was nice seeing Princess Celestia for the first time this season. What took her so long to show up? Celestia used to appear more often, now she only appears like a couple episodes per season! I guess now that Twilight's a princess, there's no need for any other princess much anymore. I would assume that. Maud appearing was unexpected, but she was FUNNY in this episode! She really gave Discord an "OH SNAP!" moment! XD I am very impressed! The writers are keeping the show hilarious and still keeping it rated Y, they're pretty good!

Anyways, after seeing this episode, it makes me wonder things for my fanfic. I was going to write a chapter just like this episode, except without the gala, and Fluttershy's both friends actually fight with eachother instead of just Discord making a fool of himself. Well that won't stop me, I'm still making it. Also, this episode helped me fill in one more bingo slot: the background pony references! That colt watching the door before the Smooze popped out is a reference The Shining! I still have many more slots to place, but so far we're doing pretty well! Keep it up DHX! Help me fill in these slots! :D

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