We're cuttin' it close to season 8, and the new Equestria Girls! So c'mon, Marks and Recreation! GO!

So this episode is kinda similar to my Cutie Mark Industries idea, or at least, that's how it started. In Cutie Mark Industries, the Cutie Mark Crusaders aren't getting much cutie mark help coming in, so Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon advertise them nationwide, which makes them tired out. But this episode kinda cancels that out cause the Cutie Mark Daycamp idea sounds like something that would handle large quantities of ponies that need cutie mark help. So in the beginning of the episode, it looked like the Crusaders JUST made up the camp idea, even though they thought of it back in Fame and Misfortune. That looks like a bit of a continuity error right there. But they did think fast about it without pause, so perhaps maybe they still made up the idea back in Fame and Misfortune, but they kinda forgot about it until this episode when it came back to them!

Now this has gotta be the best CMC episode since The Fault in Our Cutie Marks! While that episode focuses on non-pony creatures getting their CM, this one focuses more on ponies who are afraid of getting their CMs, like Rumble! I say this episode really brought a new light to CMs, and this episode really fits into the CMC arc by a longshot! Try comparing this to real life when people are stuck in one career, that doesn't mean they can't try other things! At first, I did nothing but play video games, now I wanna be a writer, director, and VA, but perhaps one day I'll retire and open a restaurant! The options are endless, brahs! But you don't need me telling you that! ;) So great use of Rumble in here! At first he was just a BG character, and now he plays a major role in an episode! This really expanded Rumble and Thunderlane from Hurricane Fluttershy, and this also shows a great use of Thunderlane too! He hasn't been around lately before this episode, so I'm glad he came back! I figured Thunderlane being a Wonderbolt in Parental Glideance wasn't just a background continuity!

I gotta say, Vincent Tong really nailed Rumble in here! Ashleigh Ball voiced him at first in a more squeaky voice, but since Rumble went through puberty I guess, now we got Vincent to do it! I really enjoyed Blank Flanks Forever, and I can tell Vince had a real kick outta singing it, especially after Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas, which is a very similar song to this! I think Rumble actually sang that other song, cause who's this Pop Fly chap? Nah, I'll just say Rumble sang that song since Vince pretty much used the same voice and Rumble shares the same personality as Pop Fly. We'll just say that. That. Ok, your turn! Say "that" in the comments! ;)

So yeah, AWESOME episode! Great new point of view of cutie marks, great use of Thunderlane and Rumble, nice having Pipsqueak back (still no DT and SS), love the song, and I love the circle girl! XD How does she make a circle anyway? I bet she first draws a head, then erases some of the detail features, and 123, a circle thingy! :D

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