Yeah, sorry this episode and The Mean 6 were outta order, but I haven't had the time to write this one in a while cause of the move! And we have an airdate for the next episode already which is August 4th! I'm not done with the move yet, and I ain't gonna have the time to watch this! At least I just sold my Nana's condo, so all there's left is my house to clean up and bring the stuff up here in Orlando. I'm at my grandma's right now which is across the street from the house I'm moving in. So let's get to see this episode now!

So now we're getting into the CMC into the School of Friendship thing going on! In all honesty, I do understand how the CMCs feel about really wanting to be at the school. If I were their age, I'd agree that it would be really fun going there! Learning about friendship seems way more fun than just math, science, reading, or even chores! Yunno I kinda feel bad for Cheerilee - she's getting replaced! She doesn't look that special anymore, and I hope this doesn't mean she's gonna be taken to the rejected characters bench! We already have a ton of awesome past characters on that bench, and I'd hate to see Cheerilee there! In all things considered, the Mane Six don't even look like they're cut out to be teachers that much. We already saw in Non-Compete Clause that Applejack and Rainbow Dash aren't that qualified. Fluttershy seems to be the most qualified one, and Pinkie Pie as well! Starlight Glimmer also does an amazing job as consular, as judged by this episode here of Cozy Glow opening up to her! Why doesn't Spike get to have his own class though? I have no idea with that! But then again, the "oh dragon, my dragon" thing (love the reference BTW!) seems to explain it a bit, but give him time, I'm sure he'd do great having his own class! It seems the CMCs would be!

I figured the CMCs would end up being at least teacher-like in here! It's pretty obvious! What wasn't obvious is how they would end up being teachers! Cozy Glow she was a great addition to the show, as well as the episode, but there's something about her that just doesn't seem right. Her with her Shirley Temple-like voice and looks - I can tell she was acting, there's no denying it! I mean this show isn't a "girl" show like the previous gens were, nopony talks like how Cozy Glow was talking. I got the feeling we'll be seeing her again! And how the CMCs handled tutoring Cozy in here really worked out! The CMCs have really come far since the beginning of the series! I mean doncha remember how they were acting in The Return of Harmony Part 1? Doncha?! In all things considered though, it really seemed OOC for them in that episode. I can totally see them as the friendship types! However, not one time this season has the CMCs done a cutie mark related thing, which seems pretty odd. I mean they're known for cutie mark problems; the friendship problems are more for the Mane 8, so why are the CMCs getting taken out of their uniqueness zone to become friendship tutors?

So this episode was pretty fun! A nice way to add the CMCs to having a role at the school, but it doesn't really make much sense story-wise. They're the Cutie Mark Crusaders, not the Friendship Crusaders. This episode is even called Marks for Effort and there wasn't anything cutie mark related about this. I'm sure there's a ton more cutie mark related stories for the CMCs to have, and the writers are just having a hard time of thinking of some. Starlight had an awesome role in here too, and I'm glad she finally had a chance to interact with the CMCs for the first time! Though even though they keep giving the Mane Six, Starlight, and now the CMCs more potent roles in the school, Spike's still just Twilight's assistant, which is there is more to him than that, which is why he shoulda had his own class, or at least been a tutor as well. But with those wings there making a recurring appearance, I'm sure there'll be more to him soon, and more to Cozy Glow as well, and now the CMCs! I'm really proud of how far the CMCs are going! Hopefully we'll get more of the Student Six soon as well, because they haven't been doing that much this season still.

Cozy Glow... is she an agent to Chancellor Neighsay?

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