I'm gonna skip the obnoxious rock puns and go straight to the review, ayright? Glad we understand eachother! ;)

Yunno ever since season 6, Maud's episodes keep coming in the beginning of the season. It's always nice seeing Maud, don't get me wrong, and I really don't mind this, but I just thought of pointing this out! ;) Same goes with Bulk Biceps only getting dialogue in the beginning of a season as well, ever since season 5! If that happens this season, I'm gonna be pointing that out! Wooo, what a big threat from Mister Mega Man, huh? :P Anyways, like I said, another Maud episode, and has something to do with Pinkie Pie and somepony Maud has become close with. Isn't this episode feel like a copy of Rock Solid Friendship with a few changes? I mean think about it, Pinkie and Maud bond, Maud becomes close with somepony, Pinkie unintentionally ruins everything and learns a friendship lesson which makes her bond with Maud even bigger! Oh yeah, and Starlight Glimmer appears in it and barely any other main characters. I said "barely"! :P Speaking of that, Starlight provided a nice enough role in this episode which also continued her friendship with Maud, and providing the voice of reason for Pinkie Pie! Seeing the stand-up comedy bit was pretty funny, but after that one joke she made at Discord in Make New Friends but Keep Discord, it makes me wonder about her hobby. She did such a good job there, so what happened to her sense of humor? Maybe it's all in the timing. Maybe Maud's like me, only good at making jokes when someone more serious is there, and then I tease what they said or what they did! That type of humor seems like it would suit Maud the best! She did the same thing in Rock Solid Friendship when Maud said the "shredding guitar" part!

Oh! I haven't talked about the main purpose of this episode, have I? Can't believe it took me so long! XD So Maud's got a bf, huh? First Big Mac and Sugar Belle, now Maud and... Mudbriar? Well it's nice to see characters we know have a relationship with new characters, I mean no one really expects it, and I believe Mudbriar's a nice choice for her! Actually, yunno what? I'm gonna call him Sheldon Cooper, cause that's who he really reminds me of! Was it Nick's intention to put Sheldon Cooper in the show? I mean the actual Sheldon Cooper laughs at people who study rocks! But the way he talks, his voice, his words, I really think that was the intention of Mudbriar's character! Woulda been hilarious if he said something similar to "bazinga", or even cooler if they had Jim Parsons guest star to be him! XD He did seem annoying at first, and it really looked like he was being mean at purpose during his first scene, but once I saw the Sheldon Cooper personality, I got used to him, and he was pretty funny! However, some of what he was doing was just being repeated, and that's what made the second act of the episode feel pretty boring. The first and third acts really good, but the second act just dragged on in here. The third act was my favorite! It was really nice seeing Limestone Pie and Marble Pie again! Really, can Marble say anything other than "Mhm"? :P But much to our surprise, it was Limestone that provided the episode's moral, which was really cool! It's not a moral we haven't seen before on the show, but it was used in a different concept! I thought it would've been more interesting if the episode had Pinkie just not trust Mudbriar, but then that's just repeating A Canterlot Wedding again! :3 Maybe only difference this time would be that Pinkie was wrong about him! The ending was really good too with the party still going on, but since Maud doesn't like surprises, she, Pinkie, and Mud just sat on a hill and watched, and I think that's a great way for everypony getting what they want! Pinkie is not a pony that would just cancel out on a party! ;)

So I wouldn't consider this "my favorite" episode from Nick, but I did enjoy it! Every great writer has their not-so-great episodes, I mean I'd probably go through the same thing multiple times in my career! But since this episode takes place at the same time as a convention, I didn't expect anything major to occur. But I am proud of Maud for finding somepony special in her life, even if it is Sheldon Cooper! ;) Can't wait to see what else Nick has in store for us this season! :D

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