Yaaaaay! Hiatus is coming! It's good because I can now focus on my move without worrying about this show! Might come back in August, and I'll be quite settled in by then!

"The Mean 6"? Wow. So basically, The Return of Harmony again, or Ponies of Dark Water? :P I knew this episode was gonna come when I saw the sneak peek, but we all thought it was the season premiere, we didn't think it would be right in the middle of the season! But all in all, it makes sense! Get to know the school a bit before an old enemy comes back to ruin everything, right? :3 Let's get started!

So Once-Queen Chrysalis has returned wanting revenge against Starlight Glimmer and... the Mane Six? Since when did Chrysalis hold a grudge against them? Their plans were ruined by Shining Armor and Princess Cadance in the season two finale, and then by Starlight in the season six finale, and of course Thorax stole her hive. If she wants revenge on anyone, it's them, not the Mane Six. Of course, Chrysalis' plan was a pretty well thought out one! I understand why it took so long for Chrysalis to come back! This was a good choice of bringing her back now, because bringing her back next season would seem too soon! At least bringing her back now with this plan was chronologically a good choice! And it was such a clever way for her plan to fail! The Mane Six didn't even know she was there! Seeing the Mean Six being against the element which caused the Tree of Harmony to backfire on them was a really cool and unique way to bring an end to Chrysalis' rein of terror once again! I say in Chrysalis' side of the episode, it was really good!

Now with the Mane Six and Starlight with their friendship retreat. That half of the episode was... ehhh, alright. I mean I can't think of a better way to do it, but I just didn't find it that appealing. I found the ol switcharoo between the two different plots to be kinda confusing and a bit boring at the same time. I did enjoy Applejack's lies though! They were cringeworthy, yet funny! Opposite Fluttershy was pretty fun too at times, and the way Anti-Twilight was trying to lead the group to betray Chrysalis seems pretty ironic yet it seems something she would do; but the rest of them didn't real appeal to me. I also didn't understand why Starlight joined the retreat. I thought she wasn't that close to the Mane Six (other than Twilight)?

It was sweet to see how they all got along in the end after their stressful camping trip, but all in all... the episode was just alright in my opinion. At least Chrysalis will be coming back again with her ultimate revenge plan, probably next season! :D

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