3 more episodes till the hiatus! I'm glad! That way I can focus on the move, and by the time the hiatus is over, perhaps I'll be watching this with my little cousins! :3 I got a My Little Pony The Movie cup for one of them as a gift! Came with the Blu-Ray! Might be worth alot of money someday! :D So who's ready for some Magical Mystery Cure - Spike Edition? :D

Oh where do I begin? Where. Do. I. Begin? This episode was really all over the place, in a really good way! :D I mean we start off the episode where Spike reunites with Peewee, and he's all grown up! Even though this reunion wasn't very long, it was so nice to see him again! I wish we still had more of a story of Spike letting him go. Maybe a comic or something will do! But for sure, this episode here contains alot of continuity from Spike's past episodes! From Peewee, to the Dragon Lord summoning, to the greed sprout! I gotta say Josh Haber did a really excellent job with Spike in here! This is basically Spike's puberty episode!

This is probably the most interesting episodes I've seen of Spike since The Times They Are A Changeling! I know season 7 was pretty slow for him, but it looks like he's really getting back on track in season 8, at least so far! Not only did we get to see Spike interact with Zecora some more, but we also see him interact with Smolder too! In case you didn't know, I have a theory about Spike and Smolder actually being long-lost siblings, and seeing their interaction in here really makes it look sibling-material! If you see in a few spots of the episode, Smolder's positions and facial expressions make her look more and more similar to Spike, even personality-wise! I still can't tell if it's gonna happen or not, but I think them being siblings seems more likely than them being a couple! Spike does need to meet his family, and Smolder being the first he would meet would be pretty great! Can't wait to see Spike and Smolder interact some more! It was really useful having her here to explain Spike's effects to him! Yes, Spike was afraid of growing up, but I'm glad it's actually going to happen! This episode confirms that Spike will still grow, even without greed! :D Even his firebreath greatly improved; but doesn't beat his firebreath from Equestria Games! :P

Puberty being embarrassing and scary is pretty normal for people, and knowing Hasbro's younger fans are growing older, this is pretty much the perfect time to actually teach the kids all about it! And just like what Zecora said, it did produce amazing things! Spike is the fourth major character to have his character model permanently change after Twilight Sparkle, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Starlight Glimmer with her hair! Usually that means great things for the character! I really hope for alot more stuff for Spike this season, cause we're just getting started with Spike's journey of learning about who he is! Before you know it, we'll be meeting his family, and hopefully he'll know what his ultimate destiny in Equestria someday! At first I was pretty upset that it was mostly just Twilight and Rarity in this episode again (other than a cameo of Pinkie Pie), I guess they really fit for Spike's development!

So regardless, my favorite episode this season so far! If Spike gets anymore awesome episodes like this one, that could probably be the only way to beat this! So far, it's gonna be stuck up there in #1! Spike still needs alot more development before the series ends after just getting pushed around for seasons 3-5, and being cheated for appearances in season 7, but in all things considered, I believe he'll get the development and roles he needs! Proud of ya, kiddo! ;)

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