So we've reached the second part of the Magic Trilogy! So it seems that we have Rainbow Dash as the protagonist now, and as I expected would happen sooner or later, we have a Daring Do Movie! I actually thought it would become thing sooner or later, but in the main series, I didn't expect it for EG. Can't wait to see how it turns out! We didn't see Daring Do herself though, but we did get mention of AK Yearling multiple times. As it turns out in Dance Magic, she has a book as well as a movie now! I wonder if any movie is gonna be made in Equestria as well?

So we got some continuation from Legends of Everfree with the necklaces with the Mane 7's unique powers! That goes to saying that it turns out they need them whenever they go! What are they though? Are they the Elements of Harmony? We need some explanation about them sometime in the future. Probably in EG5 we'll know! But I'm getting a bit off topic; we gotta talk more about the episode itself!

So this felt like a Scooby Doo kind of thing, which was nice to see! I already knew that Juniper Montage was the one responsible for it all judging by the synopsis for Mirror Magic, and her reason seemed... somewhat understandable! I know sometimes a person's dream is to be a star, and Juniper went through extreme measures to do it! Even though her entire plan seemed a little too simple, it did make a big impact! But what was interesting is Chestnut Magnifico, and the turn of events of why she was mad in the first place! She seemed like a typical actress who only cares for herself at first, but she turned out to be a caring person when Fluttershy mentions how much Chestnut loves giving to the animals! That was kind of the only twist I could think of in here. Juniper being responsible seemed obvious to me, but that's just me! ;) The interactions between some of the characters seemed to really work out as well as the characters split-up between Twilight and Rainbow, Flutters and Rarity, Spike and Pinkie, and Sunset Shimmer and Applejack, so more different characters who barely interact get to interact more out of their common interests! Seeing the same characters interact all the time without break can get a little boring. Loved the Power Ponies cameo in here as well! Even though they could've thought more of a human-counterpart to that. Can't believe they made Sunset the Mane-iac! XD

So I enjoyed this one a little more than Dance Magic! Even though Dance Magic had more of a twist in it, this one had a little more to offer! These EG episodes are becoming successful in my book! So far, I like the individual half-hour stories more than the movies! They have more to offer! Let's see what Juniper has in mind after she glared at the main cast like that in the end! :O

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