Before I start, let me just say Jasonbres - quit taking my edits! I edited some of those pages waaaaaaaay before you did, then you had to go on in and take them! For Wizard of Feeling's sake, brah! Alright, rant over, let's not talk about that. Don't say anything about that. :P

Alright, onto Newbie Dash! It's finally happened! Rainbow Dash is finally a Wonderbolt! We got a good reason too! They were waiting for a spot to become available! I knew they'd want Rainbow on the team so bad! I would've thought there was a final trial or something, or an approval from the general. I still wonder who the Wonderbolt leaders are. But whateves, too many unnecessary VAs probably. I mean we got the entire Mane Six, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Spike, and every Wonderbolt in her team! It was nice for once to see the Wonderbolts teach Rainbow a lesson instead of the other way around for once. It was such an interesting moral, and all of that's true! You join some type organization, they all get nicknames! Remember the Big Bang Theory when Wolowitz wanted to have a cool nickname, but the people at NASA ended up calling him Fruitloop? XD

So this Wonderbolt episode wasn't as I was expecting. I expected sabotage set up by Lightning Dust and Wind Rider, but I guess that's a future Wonderbolt episode. It was still interesting nethertheless. I was hoping her nickname wouldn't be "Rainbow Crash" since it's overused, but I didn't mind it that much. I knew her past would come back to haunt her though, nice little cameo with the Boy Bullies (even though it's been just the colts of the bullies and not the adults). It just keeps bothering me though that we didn't get one Merry May appearance this season yet, which is what I'm more worried about than some overused nickname. I know the Wonderbolts are jerks at times, but I guess that's just how they act towards eachother all the time. You know how tough certain friends could be, and friendship is different depending on the people. Oh cool, I made a future friendship moral idea!

So while I liked how this whole episode was executed, the only part I didn't like was Rainbow impersonating her friends. That part kinda made me cringe. That's dumb even for her; especially the part when she became Fluttershy! Why would Spitfire be pleased with that? We got to see a whole lot more Wonderbolts speak, like we saw Soarin of course, we got to see Fleetfoot and Misty Fly again! We also got to see two new Wonderbolts talk! You know, if Kelly Sheridan was voicing somepony in this episode, why couldn't Starlight Glimmer appear? At least for a cameo? Is she now what Spike was in seasons 1 and 2? Alone and left out? I don't like that. I'm getting past season vibes again with that. Also the part where Spitfire ordered Rainbow to get off the runway, she wasn't on the runway. Also Spike didn't have to stay with Pinkie with the cotton candy thing - he could've just went back and left her.

So yeah, just a few errors on this episode, but I still really liked it! We got to see a ton of returning characters, and Rainbow finally got to live her dream! She's finally a Wonderbolt now! :D Pinkie saying "they could've called you Rainbow Trash" was the funniest part! I mean, they could've called her that, and it probably would've been funnier and unexpected! :3 We also got more lines from Fluttershy, which I enjoyed!

I liked my Wonderbolt chapter better, but this one was still really good, and I really enjoyed it! :D I really can't wait for the next episode! It'll probably be even better! :D

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