Hey, who's up for a perfect episode review? Trust me, if this review ain't perfect, Imperfect is gonna fire me from Twitter Overseer (which I haven't been doing anyway)! Oh yeah, and the yaks would smash the wiki up real good! Yeah, I haven't done reviews in a while though, so might as well get this one done!

So we already got another Pinkie Pie solo episode! I guess this is to make up for the lack of Pinkie solos last season; and since in Rock Solid Friendship Pinkie pretty much kinda shared the episode with Starlight, this makes more of a solo episode for Pinkie! We also get some continuity from Party Pooped, which wasn't a bad episode! Pinkie is now the official friendship ambassador to Yakyakistan! Is she gonna be one to the Griffons too, and is Spike gonna be one for the Dragons and Changelings by the time Triple Threat comes around? I sincerely hope so! But for now, let's focus on Pinkie expanding further relations with their allies - the yaks! The yaks were a bit more likable in here! Prince Rutherford had a pretty good sense of humor in the beginning! When he yelled at Pinkie to not stomp on the "sacred twig" and finding out it was a joke, it made me laugh! XD Getting to know Yakyakistan from the inside and getting to their culture is pretty interesting!

However, even though I did say the yaks are a little more likable, Rutherford is still pretty stubborn. He cares more about his own pride than his own village, and doesn't seem to be qualified to be a good leader. I wouldn't be surprised if the yaks decided to force him to back down from being prince in a future episode. Plus at the end of the episode, he didn't learn from the experience, but because it's all part of the culture was what made him not get mad at her. The overall moral of the story is very overused. "Asking for help", how many times in this series did we get his moral? Pretty much the only interesting thing I can think of about this episode is learning more about the yaks, and Pinkie becoming ambassador to them; but other than those, this episode really didn't do anything. Pinkie is very likable in here, and she shows her very best and at the same time be silly and be funny at certain times. Plus, we got a chance for the Mane Six to go an adventure together being heroes, and we haven't seen that this season yet I don't think. Having Gummy along on the ride for Pinkie to have someone to talk to is pretty nice too! We haven't really seen him this season yet, so a little bit of Gummy per season is always charming to see!

So really, I don't have much time to say about this episode. It was average at best. Knowing more about Yakyakistan is pretty much the only thing I found interesting about this episode.

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