I still gotta do a review for Legends of Everfree after this, so let's get this over with! Chop, chop!

So we finally have a Twilight episode this season without Starlight in the way! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Starlight! But since this is pretty much her season, Twilight herself needs a chance to shine, and this episode is the way to do it! She's also pretty much sharing this episode with Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie, and earlier this season I was one of the people complaining about the overuse of Rarity this season, but since we had so many episodes without her: The Times They Are A Changeling to Viva Las Pegasus (I know she appeared in Dungeons & Discords, but she didn't talk), it is nice to have her back again! I mean pretty much my problem is not so much of Rarity being overused, but with the other Mane Five being underused, and Rainbow Dash and Applejack are really catching up to her in the later half of the season! We still have another AJ episode next week, and another Rainbow episode coming up too! Since Rainbow was being overused a bit as well, I'm glad she was absent in this episode. Not so much of Fluttershy though since she's the most underused Mane Six, but at least it explains why they were absent from the episode. I would love to see an episode of their reunion!

So all five of the characters used in this episode had their advantages! Twilight, to start off, she was really in-character in here, and I'm glad she has a chance to shine this season! This episode really brought out her best as the Princess of Friendship, and I hope for Top Bolt to do the same when that comes out! Her attention to detail was really uncanny, and very impressive! The sea-monster thing in the end was kinda... random. Like, I didn't see that coming, but that was more of a 'what' than a 'whoa'. The sea-monster thing just didn't make any sense, and it seemed to just be there for the sake of putting something in there to make the plot easier for the writers. It would better explain that the wave that sank AJ's boat just washed AJ, Pinkie, and Rarity to shore out of pure luck, and that would've been a better answer to how they got into shore, instead of a whole boat sinking on shallow water. Which brings me to Spike! He was the humor in this episode, and he was what the audience was thinking about, and that's how Spike's character is supposed to be! Comic-relief doesn't mean 'punching-bag', it means humor at just the right time and say what the viewers might be thinking about, and he did just that! Him yelling at Pinkie, AJ, and Rarity about how they got back to shore was pretty hilarious, and the moments where he tried to eat the sweets in the episode but Twilight wouldn't let him, and then he suddenly eats all the donuts at the end of the scene! XD Classic, Spike! Plus he seemed to not feel so good about taking Twilight's notes all the time. You could just say no, brah. But then again, you are the number one assistant and don't want to forfeit that title! ;)

Now for Rarity, AJ, and Pinkie's stories. First off: this isn't their first time arguing, so it was obvious they would get over it in the end. Even though it seems like AJ and Rarity have the most amount of conflicts within the Mane Six, and it's yet-ANOTHER episode featuring the two together, only to add Pinkie to the bunch. Second: what was that town they were in during the boat trip? Baltimare? It's just a guess, I have no idea, they didn't say what town that was. So talking about the trip itself, Rarity blamed AJ for the incident, and AJ acted alot like Captain Jack Apple (which BTW, was awesome!), and I do believe AJ would wanna act like a pirate just for the humor, but I knew AJ wouldn't be stupid enough to just sail right into a storm! She's not one for taking unnecessary risks - that's what Rainbow Dash does! Rarity should've known better, she knew AJ for years already! But then again, there wouldn't be a conflict if she knew that, would she? :P Nice to see the fainting couch and the binge-eating ice cream again, and them combined too! As for Pinkie, you pretty much lied in Every Little Thing She Does! You say you never burn cake, and yet you just burnt cake in this episode! What? Is Starlight becoming a bad influence on you, Pinkie? ;) I did believe her story a little more than Rarity's, cause Rarity having that many porter ponies help her out is more believable than AJ being reckless like that, but then again, Rarity can dream can she? But then at the end with Rarity changing her mind like that, yeah, she usually sticks with one trend. That story was when I found out the "bad pony" in each story was the only one not wearing a life jacket.

So, Rarity blamed AJ, Pinkie blamed Rarity, and now what was unexpecting was AJ blaming BOTH! Ok, that was a wee-bit more clever twist than the sea-monster thing, in my opinion. AJ's story got unbelievable from the start. Rarity said 'darling' way too much (though, don't we all see her like that?), and Pinkie just acted stupid. Pinkie's silly, not stupid, AJ. So yeah, out of all the stories, Pinkie's seemed more believable, but if the show wasn't just 22 minutes long, maybe it would've been nice to see what really happened in a flashback sense, instead of that ridiculous sea-monster story. So yeah, this episode was really good up to that point! I'll still say this is the Fox bros' best episode this season, mainly cause I was impressed with most of it, and I liked the moral! The Gift of the Maud Pie is a really close second!

One of the biggest highlights of this episode was the pets appearing! Other than Angel, the pets have been really underused this season. I know Opalescence and Gummy were kinda overused in past seasons as well, but I always enjoy seeing the pets! This is also Winona's first appearance this season, and I was afraid she wouldn't appear! I'm really glad she did! All we're missing this season is Owlowiscious and Tank. It's weird though how the pets were able to deliver the messages straight to Twilight. I mean Winona would obey, but how would Opal and Gummy? Opal's a cat and therefore is lazy, and Gummy... he just doesn't move.

So yeah, this was a really long review! Even though this wasn't my favorite episode this season, I did have alot to talk about this time! It really reminded me of that one Drake and Josh episode with the foam finger! Yunno why? Cuz I'm number one! :D Now if you excuse me, I gotta prepare for the Legend of Everfree review.

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