Sup brahs? I gotta be calm because of my recording corruptions, it's really getting to me. I'm starting to feel like Twilight Sparkle on her crazy train, driven by Ozzy Osbourne. All abooooooard! Ha ha ha ha ha! Aye aye aye aye! So I'm gonna try to take a break from recordings for a little while till I can get my heart rate down a bit. It's surprising how much damage something small like corrupted video clips can do. Anyways, let's get to the review; ooo rhyme!

So apparently, we have another parent episode in the series! We know who all the Mane Six's parents are now, and two of the CMCs, all we're missing is Spike, Scootaloo, and Starlight Glimmer; and today, we'll be crossing one of those off the list! Not just Starlight, but Sunburst too! I pretty much saw this episode coming, kinda-sorta. I knew there was gonna be an episode with Starlight and Sunburst coming back to their hometown and we'll get to see their parents, but the episode I had in mind was Starlight and Sunburst hiding their past failures from their parents, but then that would lead to another Crystalling episode. :P I'm glad we're getting to know their old town, Sire's Hollow! It's a nice break from Equal Town, and getting to know the classic homestead! But Starlight and Sunburst have been gone so long that things have changed! Starlight's dad Firelight, and Sunburst's mom Stellar Flare seem to be the two biggest shots in town that are either progressing the town, or getting it traditional. Now quite frankly, I thought it would be the other way around because Sunburst cares about history, but Starlight's dad is the one who is the biggest historic in town. I think it would be more believable if it was the other way around. I'm not sure about Starlight's point of views between progression and history though, but still.

"Sire's Hollow, home, or at least it was until I messed everything up." So Starlight gets called by the Cutie Map again, and this time it's with Sunburst! Pretty interesting! However, this isn't really a friendship mission between friends at a particular location a character needs to fix! No, this is just like Triple Threat, this is a personal friendship mission! It seemed that Starlight and Sunburst have troubles with their parents! But wait, just Starlight's dad and Sunburst's mom? I think we all know what the problem here is, so I don't really need to explain it. We also got to know a bit of Starlight and Sunburst's backstory! Starlight seemed to have an emo stage before founding Equal Town, which pretty much fits her! I'm pretty sure being separated from Sunburst for so long would cause Starlight to go under a deep depression. Now the humor here was top-notch, especially with the "Welcome to Sire's Hollow" gag, and how Stellar knew how annoying it was! XD Also the parents being confused on what the friendship missions actually mean. This episode pretty much teases the friendship missions, yunno? I love that! Seeing as the parents are working extra hard to help Starlight and Sunburst solve the friendship problem by using their ways to annoy Starlight and Sunburst in the process and lead the story into an interesting twist of it being a personal friendship mission after all, I really liked it! However, Starlight and Sunburst's relationships with their parents was pretty similar to the story of Parental Glideance. Wasn't Rainbow Dash's relationship with Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles of them cheering for Rainbow all the time pretty similar to Starlight and Sunburst being treated like foals by their parents? Don't get me wrong, this works out fantastically, and I really enjoyed how this episode turned out! Plus, we get to have more Starlight and Sunburst friendship development which is always interesting to see!

But here's a minor detail that concerned me, that BG appearance of Mrs. Cake, yunno how long it's been since Mr. Cake appeared in the show? 28 Pranks Later! He hasn't appeared since, other than that photo on Twilight's mirror! Not a single appearance of him! But regardless, I really liked this episode! Hope to see more map missions by these side characters in the future! Next time Starlight gets sent on a friendship mission, I'm hoping it's her and Spike! I know Spike said he had his fair share, but it still wouldn't hurt to have at least one more! ;) It wouldn't hurt seeing Sunburst go on another mission as well in the future, maybe with Twilight! But we'll see what the future holds! ;) I don't think we're gonna get to know Starlight's mom or Sunburst's dad though, unforchuntely. But we'll see! Next stop, Spike and Scootaloo's parents! :D

Man I was so close to making a bingo slot of this town being an appearance and Starlight and Sunburst's parents appearing! XD

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