This review is rated PG for Parental Glideance! Wow, I wonder how many other reviewers are gonna say that? XD Let's get started!

So we start off the episode with the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Now, much like Rock Solid Friendship, we got a main character in the episode that wasn't mentioned in the synopsis! Who knew this would also be a Scootaloo episode! Nobody really! Except the staff, of course! :3 We also got to meet Rainbow Dash's parents for the first time! It was only a matter of time before something like this would happen! Meghan McCarthy did mention this at the Toy Fair, along with Applejack's parents being met later on! This season is really focusing on family and destinies being made! I swear, if Spike doesn't get anything that involves his destiny or his origin this season... I swear by the Wizard of Hope... well... we'll cross that bridge if we get to it. Hopefully we won't! But for now, let's focus on Rainbow and Scoots' developments!

So as I expected, Rainbow is very embarrassed about her parents, and to be honest, alot of kids are like this, so this episode really speaks to kids, or even adults that have problems with their parents in public. This episode doesn't really speak to me as much as Fluttershy Leans In did, but I know this will speak to plenty of other people! I know Rainbow's parents were always in her way, and it was embarrassing for her, and that was pretty much why she didn't tell them. However, they really seem to be very proud of their child - winning or losing, they're always proud of her! They made Rainbow into the pony she is today! Her confidence came from her parents, always calling her awesome! Everything Rainbow does was rewarding to them, which is why they had that trophy room filled with objects Rainbow had in her life, and they just painted them gold and made them solid! The diaper, that broken vase (Rainbow Crash reference), that apple... it was so much! Rainbow really developed well in this episode when she learned about how proud her parents are, and how she realized they're the reason she's a Wonderbolt now! Nevertheless, her parents were a tad bit out of control in certain times. Those fireworks could've really hurt one of the bolts, so I'm surprised security didn't kick them out! Where was security at all in this episode?! XD

However, even though Rainbow developed alot in the episode, the pony we learned alot more about is Scootaloo! Again, I didn't expect a Scootaloo episode outta this! Even though she wasn't exactly the main focus, we got alot outta her! We seen more of her than Rainbow, so I would say Scoots is the protagonist in here since she started it all, and helped Rainbow learn her lesson! Not only that, but we got a slight reference of her parents! They're never around! Scoots grew up all alone! Now this doesn't confirm that she's an orphan, because some of the staff said that her parents have very demanding jobs. Perhaps we'll get something outta this in the future, hopefully this season! Other than the CMCs, Rainbow is the only one who truly cares about Scoots! I feel so bad for her! Her family is never around, and she has to rely on her friends, and her friends' families to get all the support she needs! Rainbow's parents adore Scoots, so they could be her current parental figures! Now this has potential of an awesome episode either later this season or in season 8!

Just like the previous episode, we got some cameos! We got a photo and a flashback cameo of Lightning Dust, and a photo cameo of Wind Rider! It made me think we might be seeing them soon, but I still really wanna see Babs Seed again, and I know one of you wanna see Little Strongheart! XD Anyone notice that in the flashback, Derpy's eyes became more derpified as she lowered podiums! Also I saw a little bit of plot errors. Lightning Dust, Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot, they were all in Rainbow's class! I have no idea how, or why. None of them seemed to recognize her when they first met! So this isn't right. Maybe it was a one time thing, and they're really not in her class. So, I'm glad we got to see Lightning Dust again! I'll count that as a bingo for now, but I still wanna see what happened to her after Wonderbolts Academy. If she doesn't get another appearance this season, I'll re-add her to the bingo for next season, but as a present-day appearance. Ooooh, almost another bingo! I need to see an episode where Mr. Cake appears without his wife appearing, and I need Twilight sharing an episode with either Rarity or Applejack!

So yes, awesome episode! People even said they thought it would be cringeworthy, but it turned out to be awesome! Let's keep that up for the rest of the episode; especially Triple Threat!

FANMADE MLP-Season7bingomega4
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