Otherwise known as Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?. Ok I really don't know which episode I like better this season - Slice of Life, Amending Fences, or this one! This episode was a big one! It's the perfect episode before another hiatus. I've always loved Princess Luna and I know how sensitive she is, but all this time she cursed herself to getting the same nightmare all because she was guilty over Nightmare Moon, and that was... I dunno, 2 or 3 years ago in Equestrian time? I dunno for sure. You know, I can strongly relate to this! I used to punish myself for hurting people's feelings and I didn't even know it. I already learned this moral a while ago so I can't mark that off the bingo. XD But this moral was an amazing one! I don't even know which moral I like better! This one, or the last episode's, or maybe even Tanks for the Memories! The writers are really making MLP deep these days!

I loved the humor in this episode! The flowers singing a Barney song, and it was awesome seeing the changelings return! I officially lost it at Princess Big Mac! XD I cannot believe they actually made it a thing! I know Princess Big Mac's been in the fandom for a little while, but they made it canon, and I have to say... WOW! I also liked seeing Spike and Luna interact for the first time in here, I've been wanting them to interact since forever! I was like "awww" when Spike said he wanted Luna to think about him in her dreams along with the Mane Six. It was also great seeing Owlowiscious again. This confirms that he's still Twilight's pet! I was kinda wondering since I haven't seen him at the castle... like ever!

Giant Derpy, Princess Big Mac, Hero Spike, the Power Ponies, CatDog Lyra and Bonnie, Pinkie jumping from background to background of previous episodes, including the red dragon from Dragonshy, Flutterbat; this episode made ALOT of references to past episodes! I can see why MLP was on hiatus for so long! They try their hardest to make the show the best it could be, and I'm really proud of them! See? Good things come to those that wait! Hey, DHX, make an episode about that! :D I really think DHX is getting my messages, cause I see Merry May appear more often, but then again, might be just coincidences.

So we have another hiatus again. Friendship Games is coming up next, and then afterwards, the second half! I was actually already planning to do that on my story! First half of Book 4, then Equestria Brahs 3, and then the second half of Book 4! You know, it's not the first time DHX jinxed my ideas! Great minds think alike, right? So this was an amazing episode! So epic in every way! Plus, I'm able to fill in a bingo slot: Side characters help save Equestria! :D

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