If Scare Master wasn't in the middle between Canterlot Boutique and Rarity Investigates!, Rarity wouldn't have three episodes in a row! That's a first! Having a character star in three episodes in a row! Not even Twilight had that - other than the episodes where all the Mane Six starred. So we have another Rainbow Dash and Rarity episode, the second one after Sonic Rainboom, except this one seemed more Rarity and RD than that one; and they're the only main characters to appear. Who knew? I guess I prefer it this way. No need to have other main characters be in the way where they're not needed. :P

First off I didn't expect Sassy Saddles to return so quickly. Judging by the amount of appearances she's having in so little time, is she going to be replacing Zecora? I mean we haven't seen her speak in a while. I hope she's not being replaced. Well this isn't about her, this is about The Wonderbolts! Spitfire, Soarin, and even BG Wonderbolts have speaking roles! Not Fleetfoot though. I guess Andrea doesn't want to smoke anymore cigarettes to get that deep voice again? XD Stormy Flare, wow, a character that shares the same name as my OC, Flare Gun! Flare 'n Flare!

So I liked this episode. I like the black and white mystery theme that is put in some scenes. It gives that old style detective feeling. Or judging by Rarity's outfit: Where in the World is Carmen Raridego? ;) This episode made me laugh a couple of times, so I liked the overall climax of the episode. The story though... well... it is a kid's show. I mean I knew this Wind Rider fella was gonna be the bad guy. He's a new character, he looks like a jerk, Spitfire said Rainbow might beat his record, I mean ain't that obvious? XD So yeah, great execution in the episode, but the story was a little too simple for my taste, which isn't really a problem for me. Rainbow's once again envious to those who are famous to her.

You know, what confuses me about this is why isn't RD a Wonderbolt yet? Season 1: Save their lives. Season 2: Impress Spitfire with her leadership. Season 3: Teach Spitfire a lesson about being a good flyer. Season 4: Teach Spitfire and Fleetfoot a lesson in being loyal to the team, AND be a part of the Reserve. Really, they should've hired her to be a full-time Wonderbolt a long time ago. It can't be too long now.

So that's pretty much it. No bingo for this episode, but next episode seems pretty promising!

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