Yunno, while I'm writing this, I only have a half-hour before I have to leave for class, so let's get to it!

Now this was such a really fun episode! Starlight Glimmer and Trixie are really a fantastic duo, in which alot of people agree with! In fact, I know somebody that doesn't like either of them, but do like them together! That's how awesome of a duo they are! Ever since No Second Prances, this friendship has been the best idea since... since... well all the coolest friendships happened after this so... oh how about Fluttershy and Discord? Yeah that's a great pairing too! Oh yeah, and they used Twilight and Cadance as an example right in the beginning! Yunno when those 2 did their chant, I could swear Flurry Heart was feeling uncomfortable with her mom's head shaking during the chant! XD In all honesty, I didn't think we'd see Cadance this season since we're near the end and there weren't many opportunties for her or Shining Armor to show up! I kinda have one episode they could potentially show up in though!

Now how about the travel experience with Glimglam and Trixtrix? Well first off, how about the duet they sung? Not only was it catchy, it really reminded me of the Road to Rhode Island song from Family Guy, which I know is a somewhat parody of the Road to Morocco song from the movie with the same name, but... to be honest, I haven't seen that movie yet! :P And all the comments by those 2 right in the middle of the song, this made this song a personal favorite of mine for the season, and among the Top 10 of the whole series! Maybe even Top 5, but we'll get to that later. I'll make a Top 5 best song list another time when I'm not in such a hurry! Now of course things were gonna go wrong in the trip and the two unicorns would start fighting and they'd start making selfish decisions because of it. I guess even the closest friends could have some trouble when spending too much quality time together, especially when things start to go wrong while travelling to a place they never been to, and still haven't! They never got to Saddle Arabia! The further they got was Somnambula! When seeing the French dub of this episode, I actually thought Somnambula was part of Saddle Arabia, but I guess not! Oh well! And it was a brillant way to fix the friendship too by them doing their own version of Twilight and Cadance's chant, which actually sounded improved by the VAs themselves! I can tell this episode was fun for them too as it was for us watching it!

Now how about that new guy, Hoo'Far? He actually sounded more of an antagonist from the French dub, but here he looked like a nice guy just willing to see his favorite magician at work and also wanting to trade caravans! I wish it was explained why Trixie cares about that wagon so much, which I'm starting to think it connects with her long-lost dad that appeared in Grannies Gone Wild! Maybe next season or in a comic, we'll know! So nice seeing some old locations making cameo appearances, and even though it woulda been nice seeing Saddle Arabia, it wasn't that important! ;) However, with this Starlight and Trixie firework toy going around, I woulda thought that woulda been in this episode! I mean yeah, I'm not how it would fit in, but it woulda been nice to see it, for the toy's sake!

So like I said, fun episode! Loved the song! And I learned a friendship lesson about travelling with friends! That might be useful for the days ahead! Can't wait to see what Starlight and Trixie would do next!

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