Not a bad episode actually! I didn't expect to like it though, but it was actually pretty good! Kinda feels like Suited for Success in reverse, instead of the Mane Six accepting Rarity's dresses her way, the Mane Six fix the problems their own way! :D So this episode actually turned out better than Canterlot Boutique! Yes, there was no song, no Sassy Saddles, but there is Coco Pommel, so that's something! :D

What I really liked about this episode is the humor! Best humor in the whole season so far! XD The Mane Six kept pointing out cliches, and they referenced past episodes! Pinkie Pie referencing Too Many Pinkie Pies was just perfect! The moral is good too! A nice cameo with Vinyl Scratch! It seems Nick must be a real fan of her! ;)

See if more people thought like the Mane Six do to make things better, and to do things their own way, we can achieve anything! :D The guy and the daughter was hilarious! That guy is definitely a mobster! Second Manehattan episode with a mobster in it! XD So we have one more Manehattan episode this season with Babs; hopefully! Oh and also this is the only episode so far with Spike not appearing with the rest of the Mane Six, and I'm completely okay with it! Now that Starlight Glimmer is in the picture, he's no longer lonely! He's got his own friend now! :D

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