First she was the Stare Master, and now she's the Scare Master! What master is she going to become next? Here we are! Our next Nightmare Night episode! I knew it! I knew this was going to be the episode! I called it! It was going to be a Fluttershy episode, and I guessed the summary right! It ended up alot like the Scary Pants episode on SpongeBob. I called this episode! :D

Now I really liked this episode! It was really funny, and I really got scared one time. The Granny Smith dummy and the head falling off. THAT was scary! XD Oh, and look at that! This is the first time she appeared since Bloom and Gloom! Holy Wizard of Feelings, that was sure a long time. There were also alot of references to past episodes, such as Fluttershy's singing. Now for the funny parts. Spike's two headed dragon costume was interesting. More original than his last one. I liked when he nodded using the second head. That made me hysterical! XD Fluttershy's tea party scene also made me laugh! The way she was totally failed in scaring them. Now it for sure wasn't the scariest thing in Ponyville during that night, but it was sure the funniest! XD

Now there were some confusing things in this episode. A couple of flaws. For example: Fluttershy has a spider for a pet, and yet she's afraid of the fake spiders at the Nightmare Night event that Twinkleshine and Amethyst Star set up. How does that make sense? Also the whole reason Fluttershy went out of her cottage was to give Angel some carrots, and yet, she asked Big Mac and Grandma for some hay for him. Doesn't she have hay? She offered to Angel and he refused. Plus, she asked Twilight for lettuce. Doesn't she remember? Angel wants carrots! And then when she returned to her cottage, Angel didn't get his carrots, and yet he helped her out regardless. What a good bunny! But still, those were pretty much the only flaws in here.

I loved Spike's part in here! He is what he's supposed to be: the voice of reason. He helped Flutters stay with the Mane Six. Now c'mon! Can't Spike be like that all the time? Well not all the time, but next time he leads an episode I mean. He also saved Rarity and Pinkie, so... the writers are doing a better job with him! He was the punching bag in season 4, now he's a reasonable and helpful one! Except for in Princess Spike. I guess people have a point for when they say Spike is a great character to have if he's not the main character. Oh that ain't stopping me from hoping though! I really thought I wasn't going to like this episode, mainly because of the pathetic scary stories the Mane Six made. The maze wasn't that scary either. I mean... how can fake bones be scary? Bones in general? Then again, they don't eat meat, so that's understandable. Fluttershy did a way better job in being scary! She can scare me anytime! She did a better job than anyone else! Credit on Angel! Good job, Angel! You have either the most creative mind in Ponyville or the sickest. It was also great that Flutterbat returned! She was for sure a fan favorite. The CMCs were pretty funny in here too - toilet papering Rarity's lawn. XD I dunno why some people didn't like this episode. It was awesome!

So overall, I really liked this episode! I'll give it a 10/10 actually, for making me laugh a couple of times! I don't even care if I didn't fill out a bingo slot this time! :D Twitches If only this episode wasn't gonna be released after an Xmas special though. Just doesn't seem right.

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