Oh goodie goodie gumdrops (wow I'm starting to sound like Cozy Glow), the season early releases is finally over! However, at the cost of the season itself. In all things considered, I'm actually kinda glad the season is over, cause this series is getting in the way of my personal life since it's making keep going on these websites (no offense). But luckily there's just one season left! Yes, I know, it's not confirmed, but I really want it to. Keep this show going for so long, it'll become like SpongeBob or the Simpsons. I'm starting to lose interest in the show as it is, and I'm not even angry with it this time! It's just losing interest. But I got enough interest for one final season, so I'm hoping that'll be enough. So let's get to get the season eight finale!

Let's start off with talking about Cozy herself. We all knew she was evil from the start, but we didn't know in what way. Back in the comic-con trailer, we thought she was working along side Chancellor Neighsay to take over the school. I thought he was pure evil the way he chained up some minors and would go to the extent to drain all of Equestria's magic just to get what he wants, but it turns out they weren't working together after all. Neighsay had his own agenda, and I gotta say, he was a splendid and realistic antagonist, and I just loved the way he was reformed in the end! Neighsay was half-correct, friendship could be used as a weapon, and Cozy herself was the one who used it, but he was just looking at the wrong suspects! I just love how manipulative Cozy turned out to be, much like Sludge from the previous episode! She was one of the most dangerous villains of all - not the kind with powerful magic, but the kind that stands in the shadows and takes over when everypony has their backs turned! That's what I really liked about her! Although, it seemed a bit harsh for a filly to be taken to Tartarus. I mean what would her parents say about that... whoever her parents are, or if they're still even around? Yunno what else I thought? Cozy was just a little pony, a midget mare, yunno? But no, she's really a filly it seems. I'm glad she didn't reform, but I think she could next season! Every villain has a weakness, and I think she might become the final reformed villain of the series perhaps.

So we pretty much had three antagonists in this finale! Neighsay, Cozy, and Lord Tirek himself is back! He was back for revenge and all he did was offer Cozy advice! That counts as my final bingo slot! But he was more of a secondary antagonist in here, and I'm pretty sure he's there to setup his role for season 9! If Tirek's back, then it might not be long until Scorpan finally makes an appearance! Is it me, or did he sound a little different? We finally get to see Tartarus for the first time, and... it was pretty underwhelming. Not Tartarus itself, but who was in it. Those monsters are just animals that were in their natural habitats, and the only powerful villain in there was Tirek. I coulda sworn we coulda seen more power creatures in there as well, like Grogar. But I was glad that Tirek came back, and he provided an awesome role in here! Pinkie Pie's ultimate weapon is annoyance which she uses to her advantage! >:) In fact, all the main cast did something useful in here, even Spike! But Starlight... she pretty much got To Where and Back Agained! XD Hey that should make some of the Glimglam haters happy! :P

The Cutie Mark Crusaders had a small role in the finale, but the synopsis made it seem like they were gonna do more in here, but instead, they got sidelined. That was another troll on Josh Haber's part! Speaking of that, these 2-parters were written by 2 different writers! Josh did part 2, and Nicole Dubuc did part 1, so that was something rare! Although it seemed like the 2 episodes had their own different feel to it, like Nicole had one vision going on, and Josh had another. It seemed like Dubuc wanted the CMCs to be the heroes this season because of what happened on Marks for Effort when they befriended Cozy, but it turned out that the Student 6 became the heroes. Which is good, I'm glad the Student 6 became the heroes! Not only that, but it was very ironic for them to be the ones to reform Neighsay! I thought that was perfect! The artifacts though, I actually kinda thought they'd play more of a purpose in a different way - like they do each of their descriptions in here, but instead they were the source of the magic draining. It's kinda weird though... how did Cozy use the artifacts to drain the magic? I guess Tirek mighta known something which is how she knew how to do it, but it seemed like the artifacts didn't live up to their true purposes.

Are the Student 6 the next Elements of Harmony bearers? I'm not sure, and I actually hope not, at least not right now. I really want that seventh element theory to come true! I think the Tree of Harmony was just helping the Student 6 out, and even though each of the students represent a different element of friendship, they're not the next bearers. However, they could be like the Pillars, and each of those artifacts could be used by the Student 6 to help them out in the incoming future, so they could live up to their full potentials!

So was this my favorite finale? I'm not sure, but it's up there along with the season four finale and the season seven finale! I can tell that the smirk from Cozy at the end of the episode means that it's not over yet! I don't think Princess Luna was very smart to put Cozy's cage right next to Tirek's! She's just asking to doom Equestria! Fantastic season though, and I can't wait for the potential final one! Let's end it all with a bang! :D

Ok the season is over and wow did I do bad on my bingo this time! No worries though! This next bingo card I have seems more promising! :D

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