Yeah I was a bit late to getting to this episode... well, actually the Discovery version still isn't out yet, so I'm actually still early! :P But I didn't wanna watch the episode yet until I was in a "writing a review" kinda mood. Plus I'm already almost done with my final episode list ever for this show! Since it's the last one, I'm giving it all I got! But I don't wanna post it till the rest of these review posts are done, so let's head on to Sounds of Silence!

This episode is already getting interesting right at the beginning of the episode! At first I thought it was weird that Applejack and Fluttershy were called again, but at least that's not a pairing we get often - I mean look at Rarijack! But then I figured out, hmmm, these 2 each only had 1 episode this season so I guess this episode is just here to make sure AJ and Flutters get their second episode this season, huh? :P Well hopefully next season we'll have more of an even amount of appearance between the main cast. Also the dialogue is already interesting! "Flanks don't lie", and "Cloudsdale in the clouds, and Crystal Empire made of crystal"! XD We have a new writer here, and he's already nailing this! He also did it very cleverly, including the very reason why he picked AJ and Flutters for this mission! It seemed more than just AJ and Flutters getting a second slot! I mean if these characters were just forced to have another slot, it would probably end up being a lame episode, but luckily that didn't happen! :3

Now the Kirins are interesting creatures! Half-pony, half-dragon, but they seemed so different than just being a hybrid! If a pony and a dragon had kids, would they be Kirins? Would they work exactly like they do here? Or would they look like mutants like Donkey and Dragon's babies in Shrek? :P Either way, they were cute! But I didn't expect the leader to sound so squeaky! XD Now I thought this episode would be less clever than it turned out when they did the "vow of silence" thing to not be rude, but I started to get Gray Jedi vibes from this! There's the Jedi, who don't let out any emotions, much like the Kirins during the episode; then came the Sith, which were the Nirik who were always angry; and now Autumn Blaze's method is those of a Gray Jedi, those who let out their emotions but in a more controlled fashion. Autmn Blaze was the chosen one, and she brought balance to the force! Rachel Bloom nailed her! I found Autumn to be very adorable and I loved the song! It's my 2nd favorite in the season, just after We're Friendship Bound!

The only negative thing about this episode was, that old man with the end of the line part didn't seem very necessary to the plot and wasn't even that funny. Other than that, I had no problems with this episode! This episode really brought the best outta both AJ and Flutters, more than anywhere else in the season! It would be nice to see the Kirins again in the future, but I wouldn't bet on it. Say, I wonder if Rachel Bloom is somehow related to Apple Bloom? And by extension, how about Orlando Bloom? :P

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