Welcome back to the science-fiction dystopia world known as Equestria! We are back in action, and it's time to continue where we left off! :D Let us begin with the halfway point episode known as Stranger Than Fan Fiction! :D

So we got an episode taking place in a convention! I gotta say this episode was a huge nod to the brony fandom - probably even more than Slice of Life! Maybe not just the brony fandom, but a bunch of other fandoms too! Seeing people selling merchandise like... body pillows... with Daring Do tied up... "Y'know, for kids!" :D I bet she gets nervous when she goes to these conventions! XD Dr. Caballeron was of course pretty uncomfortable being in the situation too. Did Daring Do know what she was getting into when she wrote her books? ;) I haven't been to many nerd conventions so I don't remember any playgrounds of any sort. Yunno, even though the synopsis said this convention is taken place in Manehattan, Manehattan isn't mentioned at all in this episode, so you could just pretend it takes place in other cities like Vanhoover, LP, Baltimare, or even Mareami! For the people who are tired of Manehattan at this point! ;) But mainly this episode takes place in a jungle, so it continues the Explore Equestria theme with new locations, which is nice to see! We're going to LP next week, and some snowy region (probably near the yak place) the week after!

A big issue in fandoms is when fans don't agree on stuff (just like half the people on this wiki :P ), and that's what brought the conflict between Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants. First off, Quibble is an awesome character! Patton Oswalt did an amazing job as him! I can relate to Quibble in a huge way! I'm one for pointing out story flaws, and so is he! With his sarcastic remarks and pointing out obvious cliches, I really see alot of me in him in a way! I would love to see Quibble again in the future! His hairstyle looking so similar to Daring Do's concerns me in a bit, like is that is natural haircolor, or did he dye it for the convention? It does suit him! Maybe he got into Daring Do in the first place because he and her share the same hairstyle! :3 So yeah, back to what I was saying about fans not agreeing with stuff - this moral was really a fantastic moral! Basically, they're teaching us that we can get along even though we don't agree on the same stuff! That moral would really come in handy for the incoming election! ;)

I knew Twilight was going to have at least a cameo in here! It wouldn't feel right not having her come along because she's a big fan of Daring Do as well. Too bad she's gotta go to Griffonstone for a summit. But I thought, hey, if Twilight's going to Griffonstone, perhaps she would give Starlight that befriending a griffon lesson she promised her! ;) It's nice having Dr. Caballeron as the main villain in here instead of Ahuizotl, since we didn't get enough of him in Daring Don't! He's a more interesting villain to me than Ahuizotl! Ahuizotl is just another stereotypical villain that wants to take over, but Caballeron is a more realistic character with a more realistic plot for wealth and power (oh woops I'm sounding like Quibble XD)! Out of all of Mike Vogel's episodes, this one is my favorite!

So yeah, amazing way to start off the second "half" of season six! Or more like great way to have a midway point for a season of MLP! :3 I hope to see Daring Do one more time before the show ends about her having a movie! I'd like to see how that plays out! I wanna get the Daring Do books Berrow made, cause Daring is such an interesting character! I'd like to learn more about her! Can't wait for next week's episode, we get to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders again finally! ;)

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