Phew, this is getting tiring. So many review posts, so little time, and I'm running outta funny comments. Oh and woopy-doo! Two more episodes tomorrow and Wednesday! :/ I'm not really liking the rushing of the season that much. Why we rushing towards the end? Do we really wanna end this season that soon? I could avoid the episodes if I wanted to, but it's not easy to do since I hang out on these websites alot, and I have too much freetime. It sucks, I know. But anyhoo, let's get to Student Counsel, the possible last Starlight Glimmer episode!

I kinda have the feeling it's her last starring episode (unless she's paired with another main character later), because of the appearances of Trixie, Sunburst, and Maud Pie, which was definitely a real treat, seeing all her closest friends (other than Twilight and Spike) in one place to remind us who they are! Not only that, but we also had some surprise return appearances of Mudbriar and Terramar! Terramar outta all characters! I expected him in the next episode though, but not here! It makes sense though since this is Silverstream's episode too, since it seems like every Student 6 is having an episode to themselves this season! Only Ocellus and Gallus are missing their own episodes, which I'm positive we'll get in the next half of the season! Wow... we're already almost halfway done with the season. It's flying, brahs, it really is going really fast! Before we know it... poof, no more new FIM episodes. I'm sure I'll be watching reruns though after the series is over... only if I'm content with the ending though.

Now how about dat moral of the episode? :D Truly something that really needed to be said on the show! Yeah, it was probably mentioned already in the past, but this one makes it more noticable! This episode shows a great way of knowing to balance out time for work and time for friends, something some of my friends really need to do. I should really show them this episode. Too much of either side can lead to consequences, which is why Silverstream ran off and Starlight had no idea where she was. Seeing how she ended up at the Treehouse of Harmony, it leads me to believe that it's gonna have something to do with the finale, alongside the villains, and the Spike stuff! Plus, we have some added lore to the cochatrices outta all creatures! Silverstream even befriended one! Lastly, one of the biggest highlights of this episode is Maud and Mudbriar - not only their dialogues, but their chemistry! When Mudbriar got "stoned", I figured Maud would be more attracted to him, but it was still cute and gave me some "D'awwws" or even lulz here and there, and perhaps one time that I just shook my head! XD This isn't a criticum, but, this episode didn't really follow what the synopsis said, cause it seems like the synopsis said Starlight was having trouble finding students that need help, not being overwhelmed by it. Still, this episode was a whole lot better this way! By a long shot!

A great conclusion to Starlight's arc I say - in addition to soon getting full control of the School of Friendship! There's still the mystery on who's gonna help her run it though, which I'm hoping we'd get soon.

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