We just have a week to go till the final 13 episodes get released! So what we have now is quite possibly the final Equestria Girls special ever! Is it? I'm actually writing this during the early release in Mexico. I'm sure Nick Confalone or someone in EG staff will tell us whether or not this is the last EG special - there's the rest of season 2 (which I don't watch anyway). I'll add it in once I find out, but in the meantime, here's Sunset's Backstage Pass! Now if this is the final special, is it finale material?

Well, the magic problem still isn't solved, but this special was fantastic! Forgotten Friendship levels of fantastic, and waaaaay better than the two specials between this and FF! So the story is about Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie, interesting duo, and Pinkie finally gets at least one of the leading roles in an EG special! They have a common interest in seeing K-Lo and Su-Z, together known as PostCrush, in concert, but then... Groundhog Day happened. Now I actually didn't think I'd enjoy the special as much as I did, but I did! I know, I didn't expect to like this special so much, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really care about EG!

This special was also pretty funny, like when Sunset sarcastically narrates a few of the repeated things that were happening, like Twilight explaining her theory on time-loops, and Snips tripping and falling, and ya gotta admire the little details that sometimes change depending on Sunset's reactions, like when she got smacked in the butt by Rainbow - she blushed after Sunset said "thank you"! XD Then another time she yelled at her, and then another time she moved outta the way... which I'm surprised it took the third day for her to finally do something about that. And did you notice K-Lo accidentally hitting the drum symbol in the third day concert? Now that's clever detail! There were ways that the repeats were done kinda wrong, but I'll explain that in a bit. It's really nice seeing the antagonists and the protagonists actually relate in some way cause of their definitions of a "perfect day"! Thanks to day repeats and the constant emotions Sunset had to go through with the different paths she could take and all leading up to the final and best day to not only fix her problem but make Pinkie happy, it worked out so well for the story! And having that lesson also being put forward to the PostCrush girls, it makes the story really connect!

There were a few things in this special that sparked my OSD (obessive story disorder), like in the security checkpoint lines, if certain lines are moving faster than others, wouldn't it be better to just, yunno, switch lines? Especially if you're repeating the same day. But some kinda paradox happened it seems since in the second first day, Rainbow and Twilight were in Pinkie and Sunset's line. Also, the timeline of the day - it starts off morning, The Rainbooms go to the park, Pinkie and Sunset try to win the trike and go through the maze and then clean up their paint mess, then it's already night time? How long does it take to clean off paint of go through a maze? And yunno what else, when the security guard kicked Sunset and Pinkie outta the park, he littered the bracelets - maybe he should get kicked out! At least that's what I said before seeing the guard's sensitive side!

How about all the characters that appeared? It looks like the chef from the cruise ship found herself a new job selling churros! Spike appeared but didn't talk, but hey, that means more of a chance for Cathy Weseluck to be available in later season 9! The Security Guard, for a nameless character, he had alota personality in here! We had the tough side of him from the first half who takes his security job very seriously, and of course we have his sensitive side who loves cats and favors for people who favor him in return! Too bad he didn't get his kitty back in the last day. Princess Twilight's appearance was a pleasant surprise - she knows a copy and paste spell, cool! But most importantly, The Dazzlings are back too, and it looks like they've been Lightning Dust'd! After their defeat, they made a success of themselves and are not out for revenge at all! They realized what they did in the events of Rainbow Rocks was bad, but they're still jerks and not-reformed, so I like that touch, really! "Human scum!" XD Plus we had some cameos here and there of other characters like Trixie, Bulk Biceps, and even some vocal cameos of Lyra and Bonnie and even Snips!

How about the songs? Now I'm not usually a big fan of pop songs really, but True Original sounded awesome! Had it stuck in my head all day and no regrets whatsoever! There's also the Dazzlings' song Find the Magic which really isn't a big part of the special, but has it's own separate music video which I just listened to and really enjoyed! Now I'm not sure if this means the Dazzlings are reformed since they're still a buncha jerks, but pretty much, they just wanna go home. That there woulda brought alota potential for the finale of EG - with both the Dazzlings and Sunset making a choice of whether or not to go home cause the portal is closing, which is pretty much the only way to stop the magic leaks - but that's just my theory. Maybe I'll make a soapbox on Equestria Daily about it.

And yunno what else was great about this special? The pacing was perfect! Ya can tell Whitney Ralls really put alota heart into this! This was truly amazing! Only real negative thing I got from this special: give the security guard his kitty back! Jeez, now I want another EG special - one to just wrap it all up! I don't want this to be the final one - just one more to conclude everything!

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