WAH-PEWSH! Toppa the mornin' to ya laddies! And I can really say that now because I could swear I heard Jacksepticeye's slap when the Cutie Mark Crusaders high-fived! So as it turns out, the movie is now canon! Well, actually it's been canon since the first episode, but in case I'm bored now, so might as well make a review! Surf's up, dudes! :D

We were all waiting for the day the CMCs finally get called on by the map, and that day has come! And what better place to start than Mount Aris and Seaquestria? :D I gotta say, this episode REALLY worked for the CMCs! It wasn't a cutie mark problem, but it was a bit of a fate problem, and pretty much the problem was never there in the first place! The only thing the CMCs needed to do was just to tell Terramar that what he's been doing was the right motive! Now I don't wanna say this episode references divorces, because it doesn't, the parents still love eachother! I'd reference this more on the regards of parents having different jobs that they need to do, and they can't live together. There are actual families that are like that! Terramar's mom, Ocean Flow, is a sea pony that wants to live in Seaquestria, and his dad, Sky Beak wants to live in Mount Aris! Of course Terramar has a problem of where he wants to permanently choose where he wants to live! Now I woulda made my final decision right away! I mean either way, my ears are probably going to pop out of the altitude of Mount Aris, or the crush depth of the ocean, so either way, I'd probably just pick neither if I were there! :3

What else was interesting about this is the conflict between Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in deciding which location is the best for Terramar, which does complicate things! I can understand why they'd pick those two different places, I mean mainly because they explained it, but it works so well for them, and Apple Bloom... well was she being the reasonable one? I can't really say, because all she was doing was sending messages even though both Sweetie and Scoots were in ear-shot from one-another. I coulda sworn Apple Bloom knew better than that. She shoulda been the voice of reason instead of Twilight in my opinion. I can also see why Twilight wanted to go with the CMCs, but wasn't it her that said that she can't interfere if the map hasn't called her? All this time she coulda went along and not do anything, and the map doesn't even care! So why not?

So basically, this was an awesome sequel to the movie, and now we know what happened around Mount Aris after The Storm King's demise! We got a mention from him in here, and we also got a mention of Queen Novo, even though she didn't physically appear, and I thought I saw Princess Skystar in one part! What a tease! :P They don't have to speak cause I understand it's hard to get these special voice actors to return to voice these parts again just for a minute, but it wouldn't hurt having BG cameos. I enjoyed the song too! The CMCs haven't sung last season, so this was the first in a while! Although I kinda have a problem with seeing in the credits that Scoots didn't have her own singing voice. Someone else was singing for her. Why though? Madeleine Peters has an awesome singing voice!

So I found this episode very enjoyable and a nice sequel to the movie, and a great new use of the CMCs! Well done Brian! Thanks for the new bingo slot with the CMCs getting called by the map! :D

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