Writing a review in between work on the old house - trying to remove carpet and tile, both difficult in their own ways! Title is hard to remove cause we gotta break it, and carpet is easier but very dusty! Speaking of dusty, are we ready for Sweet and Smoky? Oh, the word is "smoky" not "dusty" - how are they alike other than being a gas? :P

The first episode of the series, Friendship is Magic, part 1 which is where Spike and Fluttershy met for the very first time! Fluttershy found Spike super-facintating! 9 seasons later... they finally have an episode together! Wow oh wow did they play off eachother well in here! I didn't think Flutters woulda been able to go to the Dragon Lands, mainly cause, even if she faced her fear on dragons, a whole kingdom of dragons would seem to be much for her, come to think of it, but she's definitely come a long way since the events of Dragonshy and Dragon Quest! She even stuck up to Garble on Spike's behalf! Come to think of it, she seemed to be one of the ones responsible for Garble's reformation, right next to Smolder. Outta all the villains that were gonna be reformed in the series, I woulda thought Spike would do it, since Spike has never really reformed a single villain yet. Yet! ;) Flutters was so adorable in here, especially in the end when she wanted to adopt all the baby dragons! So cute! She even did the "why wub woo" face in the beginning!

But the main plot of the episode focused on Smolder's brother, which turned out to be Garble. Quite predictable, really. I woulda thought of more of a twist, like her brother is named "Smoky", hence the title, or that dragon from Dragonshy turned out to be the sensitive brother. Then again, he might be the dad! :3 This pretty much debunks my theory of Smolder being Spike's sister though. There was a slight chance of Spike finally getting his origins in here. But perhaps it's still not too late. Once Spike finally meets Scorpan, maybe we might get a little something - not the full story though, I'm sure. Regardless of theories being debunked, this episode still went pretty well! We saw a side of Garble we never seen, Spike definitely showed his best in here despite his history with Garble! See, this is why Spike's the exact representation of friendship in the series, even more than Princess Twilight herself! Spike getting much closer to getting his due! Keep it up! Garble and Smolder's relationship was really cute too - seeing as Garble would lower his guard to just her! We get to see so much of a different side of Garble - seeing how sensitive he can truly be, and the reason why he picks on Spike all the time! Well, used to, cause now it seems they're friends, or at least to an extent!

So regardless of this episode taking a path I originally didn't want it to take, it went pretty well! It was a treat seeing Ember again, development for Fluttershy, Garble, Smolder, and even Spike, and seeing as Spike is continuing his streak this season, his destiny is getting closer and closer! Can't wait to finally see it! :D Regardless of this being a great season so far, I'm really sucking on the bingo this time! XD

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