Ready for the sixth wave of ponies? I know I am! That also means a new round of opinion blogs! It's gonna work the same way as last season - I'll try to be more in detail as I can, and then there will be a bingo in the end to what I've requested came to effect!

First thing I should say is that this was among the best of season premieres this show has to offer! The even numbered seasons always seem to have the best episodes, and this season is off to a pretty good start! Let's start off with Starlight Glimmer! Now it seems to be confirmed that she's staying at the castle, and the T.A.R.D.S. reference of course! I'm really glad we didn't see her turn back into villain, but still processing some emotions from her past, and Twilight really wants to help her out. It's nice that Twilight has a student of her own, even though she and her friends already know about friendship pretty well, so anypony could've taught her. Starlight really showed alot of emotion, and alot of character development, and even when she's scared, she starts making the sound a TV makes when the channel is offline and shows those rainbow colors! She's shown that even though she really wants to reunite with Sunburst, she's too nervous to, and she needed somepony like Spike to push her into the right direction! Spike did amazing in this premiere! Everypony did their part, everypony! Princesses Celestia and Luna helped with the weather, the Mane Six as well as Shining Armor and Princess Cadance all helped out with the baby, and Spike helped Starlight reunite with Sunburst, which she couldn've done without him! Now that's what I call an assistant role! Still making snarky comments here and there, but still very useful, and that's what I like to see - Spike using Twilight's own methods! Looks like I was right! Starlight and Spike are gonna be pretty good friends after all! Starlight's here to stay too! I mean it's obvious, since she was in the intro, as well as showing the Cutie Mark Crusaders with their cutie marks on it. Whether or not Starlight will be apart of the Mane Six in general though is not clear as of yet.

Sunburst was pretty cool too! We all thought he was a great wizard, but he turned out to be a phony. A big fat phony! Turned out he missed Starlight too, but was too afraid to admit his failures. As much as I predicted this premiere already, one of the things I didn't predict was Sunburst returning already. I gotta say, he wasn't what I expected. He didn't seem like a very 'big' stallion much like the others, and that goatee was unexpecting too. It was nice using him as a key to solving the problem with the crystalling! Makes the two plots intertwine! Looks like we might be seeing Sunburst again, but I'm glad Starlight isn't staying with him. There are alot of people who don't like Starlight, but I do! She's very interesting! Perhaps he'll come and visit one day! You know, I saw someone on Equestria Daily say that Sunburst took Flurry Heart's magic to take over Equestria in the finale. :3 I know that's not true.... or could it? Most likely not, he doesn't seem to be that type. But what if he is? Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Which brings me to Flurry Heart! Now I mentioned this multiple times already, but I already predicted this story being the season premiere. Well, I didn't know about the story though. I knew she would be an alicorn, and I knew she would be kinda op, but I didn't know she was gonna be named Flurry Heart. What happened to Skyla? I gotta say, she was pretty cute! She was quite a hoof-full though! Shining looked very tired in the beginning, which was expecting since he's a parent now, and he's new to it - and so is Cadance. I actually thought Celestia and Luna were born alicorns, but they seemed to hint that they didn't, but... I dunno, maybe they weren't saying that. All they said was none of Equestria ever witnessed something like that, but do we have any idea how old Celestia and Luna really are? It was nice to see that Flurry pretty much loved Pinkie! I guess Pinkie is just a baby charmer! ;)

The story was quite intense! I mean it started off simple in the beginning, but then it got intense later! I'm kinda glad there wasn't a villain, and alot that happened here seemed to be references of the the season three premiere, with the Crystal Empire being under attack, and the Crystal Heart is the only thing that can protect the empire. I could've sworn it was King Sombra at first, but then when Twilight mentioned the heart was only hidden and not destroyed, I guess Sombra needed the heart after all, even if it did mean his defeat. Even though I knew Flurry's magic was pretty powerful, and would react if she laughs or cries or something like that (much like Fairly Odd Baby), but I didn't know her magic would just shatter the Crystal Heart just like that! Seemed pretty cheap, but there needed to be a conflict somewhere in the story, even if the villain is pretty much natural causes.

Just wanted to mention real quick, Applejack's gift seemed better with her own blanket, and not Rarity's. ;) Also Twilight's parents finally spoken! It was very nice to see that! I did not expect that at all! Nice to give them a cameo, and it was pretty cool that Shining and his dad, and Twilight and her mom share the same voice actors! They seem to do that alot in this series - the parents and the children sharing the same actors.

What an awesome way to start a season! I have big hopes for this one, that's for sure! I know it's gonna be pretty leet! No bingos yet, but I'm for sure having at least one marked in next week's episode! :D

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