Ok, first off, so far, there was nothing I could fill out in my season 5 bingo yet (other than the free space, but that'll wait). But don't worry, we'll get there! At least I got something I've been wanting for a while - Twilight was not the main hero in The Cutie Map parts 1 and 2; Fluttershy was! Or at least her and the villagers, much like Spike and the crystal ponies from The Crystal Empire parts 1 and 2! I am so proud of Flutters getting a chance to be the hero for a change! It made me love this episode even more!

Ok so let me review the episode a bit. It was nice having a debut with the map and all, and having Rainbow Dash remind us how the castle was made, but we could've had a little more time in the castle, so we could get to know it a bit, but we will in the next episode, I know! I wasn't that happy that Spike had to be left behind again, but that didn't bother me as much as it used to. He's gonna have some bonding time with Big Mac!

I LOVED the humor in these episodes! Most of it was pretty clever! I was able to make a meme on the muffins conversation, and I laughed pretty hard on Pinkie's 'A' joke! Applejack had a little bit of character developed in here too, and it was kinda funny to see her lose her country... whatever she called it.

Starlight Glimmer was an "ok" villain. I mean she seemed to be too much like Sunset Shimmer; trying to take over other pony's / people's lives, so she didn't really flatter me. She also seemed to be too gullible in thinking Fluttershy actually did change. I wouldn've fallen for that, and I'm pretty sure most of you wouldn't either, but still, I was pretty hyped to see Flutters as the main hero in here! Starlight Glimmer lied about her cutie mark? Of course she did. I mean, I didn't expect it, but I wasn't that surprised. Her being a voice in an intercom to moralize other ponies was pretty interesting! Seemed like other TV shows in video games that have it's people enslaved and the leader sends them messages to keep them loyal to their code.

Now the story was AWESOME, and the friendship moral was good too! I mean, I pretty much knew that moral, but at least it wasn't a repeated moral. A whole town being equals because they had their destinies stripped, it was a pretty good idea! MA Larson and Scott Sonneborn did an awesome job on it! It was a cool return for Larson, and I never expected Scott to make this! This was an awesome 2-parter for a new writer! I mean, it wasn't the best premiere in the whole show, but it was pretty awesome! Seeing how the ponies work together, and how they became under Starlight's spell was very interesting! Epic chases, and cutie mark vibrating! It makes me wonder what's going to happen next!

Now for that staff that Starlight used, to be honest, I really thought it was a real staff, and I thought of it being the "nine" different treasures for something, it made me think that the staff is actually a key for something bigger, which is why the Mane Six are going to be travelling to these different towns. The staff, and eight other things are actually going to be like the "keys of harmony" to open the chest back in season 4. Now I don't remember what the nine things were from, I'll have to watch the episode again, but I really believe the staff is one of the things that's going to combine this season's episodes with eachother.

The song was pretty good! I mean, it's not one those catchy CMC songs, but y'know, it'll do! It sounded alot like a WW2-style propaganda beat, which was never used on the show before, and it fits the communism put into the town! I knew there was going to be singing in here from the citizens because it looked like in the trailer they were gonna sing something.

Anyways, that's my review for this season premiere! This episode seemed pretty similar to season 3's premiere with the ponies cursed under an evil unicorn's spell, and then one of the main characters inspired the town's citizens to rebel against their leader and defeat them. I really liked these episodes! Very good job! I can't wait to see what happens next! :D

I'm also hoping to fill out some bingo spaces soon, so gimmie something mark pretty soon, capiche? :P

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