Just got home from... home... old home. And what better final episode to watch at that house (at least probably final episode), than having our final Cutie Mark Crusaders episode? Not final episode for CMCs appearing, but last episode to their story arc! You can tell when a CMC episode is big when it's an Indiana Jones reference - The Last Crusade! Last time we had that was Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and that was the biggest CMCs episode by far! Will this one surpass it?

I dunno... it was pretty close! I didn't expect Scootaloo's parents (Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood) to be the ones that were responsible for the CMCs' breakup! Yeah alota other people did, but I was actually hoping for a Scoots episode herself later in the season, as well as Sweetie Belle, since we already had our Apple Bloom episode with Going to Seed, but I suppose there's really nothing else for the rest of the CMCs to do, since this episode just tied up the loose ends to Scoots' story arc in my opinion. She dudn't really need to fly - we already had a buncha episode talking about that. Yunno, at first, I thought Scoots' parents weren't explorers but something else, like, I thought her dad was a nurse at Ponyville General but is never home cause his job is high-demanding, and her mom is actually an EUP guard (actually the Captain, after Shining Armor's departure), but I suppose explorers works too! I still have yet to know if that cragadile that attacked the school was real or mechanical, cause that seems pretty extreme for a grand entrance. For starters, it put the students at risk, and second, a desk broke, so they'll have to pay for that. Could Cheerilee just stand by and let that happen? If I were her, I woulda called the cops! Other than that, Scoots' parents were pretty far away, so they knew about King Sombra and the Tree of Harmony's destruction? News travels fast! I woulda thought the Tree of Harmony's destruction woulda been kept a secret to help not stir panic.

The true highlights of the episode though was the overall story and moral! This is really something similar that the movie Inside Out did when Riley and her family moved to San Fran, where her life had to be changed and she had to leave her friends behind. If you seen that movie, you knew how much it affected her. It woulda affected Scootaloo too, she mighta resented her parents for the rest of her life. This episode showed all the great examples of what made the CMCs so important and who they are today, which was exactly the thing that Scoots' parents truly needed to be inspired by all that their daughter has done over the years! This was truly the conclusion the CMCs rightfully deserved! I woulda expected a song, but I suppose there's a reason why the VAs have been spending less and less time in this show, since they're growing up, having their own lives, but that's alright! The CMCs' story arc was truly an inspiration, and to be honest, most of their episodes were better than half the Mane 6's episodes! Plus their songs were usually the best of the season, like Babs Seed and Hearts as Strong as Horses! Speaking of Babs, glad she appeared! I didn't see her scissors cutie mark at first which I thought was an animation error, and it was such a missed opportunity to not being able to know who the Manehattan CMCs are, cause of all that info we got of them and Babs' backstory back in season 3. But here's something I figured we'd see this season: Scoots' aunts! Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty! Why is one "aunt" and the other "auntie"? Hmm. Whateves, it was nice seeing them!

From blank flanks being bullied by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, to becoming the mantles of destiny, the CMCs' story arc was amongst the best on the show, and I wish them the best for their futures!

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