After seeing how episode the last episode was, it made me think there's going to be more hype coming soon, and what more hype there is than Pinkie keeping a secret for Shining and Cadance? You know something? It's already been two weeks since the crusaders episode, and it felt like only yesterday that we watched it. How extra-ordinary, huh brahs? But for now, that's behind us, and I'm ready to speak upon the next episode: The Something in Pinkie Pie's Nose! :D It's kinda ironic though because this episode had nothing to do with her nose.

So... Princess Skyla, or whoever the foal that Shining and Cadance are having is actually coming true! An entire episode directed to one of my bingo slots! ^_^ I must say... the half the people on this wiki was correct! I mean I never doubted them for knowing, since this was pretty obvious from the start. We all knew this episode was going to come. ;)

As hyped as we all feel about this occasion, it wasn't as much hype as last episode, I must admit. Although, there were a few things that happened in this episode that I glad did happen. Mr. and Mrs. Cake has once again played a supportive role in an episode, and were identified by name for the first time in a long time! :D As an autistic person like myself, I tend to pay attention to these things. ;) Plus Shining and Cadance interacted with them, plus Mayor Mare appeared, and she was pretty hilarious in here! This was a hilarious episode after all. I mean what can you expect from a Pinkie episode, hmm? Alot random humor popping out of nowhere, as well as alot of cartoonish themes, but Pinkie breaking into a million pieces just draws the line on the cartoon humor. XD I mean, I never seen Pinkie so "broken up" before, have you? ;) Alot of Pinkie themes were referenced in this episode, such as the Pinkie Promise and the Pinkie Sense, even though Pinkie didn't sense much at all, unless of course what she said about Pinkie Sense being the source of how she knew Cadance and Shining were going to take the regular train and not the Crystal Empire one is true. Did it say that on the note? Plus that Flash Gordon reference in that poster in Twilight's room! Yep, and I guess the ant is the first creature that was afraid of Fluttershy it seems. I swear, GM Berrow did a pretty good job for her first episode! I hope she gets to do more soon!

Now it was great seeing Shining and Cadance again. Shining really made some humor in this episode, like that cutaway gag, and also the fact that he, like his sister, had a little... I was going to say doll, but then if Shining were actually to see this post, he'd say it's actually an action figure, so I'll say that. You owe me one, bro! Also, hey! It's not Fluttershy's brother, but there's her grandpappi! Unless of course her brother is like reeeeealllly old. So let's see... what else did I like about the episode? Well the CMCs have their CMs still, but a week later, they're already board. Typical children. Oh, and Featherweight had dialogue finally. I bet alot of you wanted that! Trixie didn't appear, but there was a pony that looked alot like her. The one sipping tea, the one right before Rarity's reflection came. Gotta say, this episode was really high on the humorous side. I just lost it when Pinkie really gave Twilight a burn when she said that one quote about liking books and all. Of course there is that one part with the wacky-inflatable-arm-faliling-tube-pony. Of course right now, all I'm doing is just reminding you of all the humor in this episode. You know it all already. :P

Now there was only one thing that really bothered me about this episode, and... I dunno, should I say it? I think I made my point already when I say Spike doesn't have enough, but since I already brought it up, he wasn't at that foal shower at the end. C'mon! DHX! You're losing it again! You were doing so good before with him! What's going on? You know how upset people were when he wasn't at Twilight's birthday in Sweet and 1337! Oh and one other thing: there wasn't a friendship moral, so what was the point of this episode other than being entertained? But other than that, it was fine. Seeing the relationship of Shining and Cadance go on, I mean they haven't been seen interacted in a long time, have they? Other than Friendship Games though, but chronologically I mean. It's also been a while since Shining interacted with Twilight. Alright, that's pretty much all I gotta say about this episode. It was mostly nonsense. Sorry I didn't give you more of an opinion more than trying to humor you. It's been a slow day today. I'll do better after next episode! ^_^

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