Phew! Last review of the season! I gotta say, this season was something unexpecting! Seems only yesturday that I was hyped to see The Crystalling! Now it was really difficult to avoid this episode during the early release because I wanted to watch Where the Apple Lies and Top Bolt before I watch this one, so I could feel like I had a nice closure to the story, but... it wasn't really much of a closure, this episode. Anyways, time to give my opinion on the season six finale!

I figured it was gonna be a Starlight Glimmer episode from the start, and that the Mane Six weren't gonna do alot, but I didn't expect the ponies from Our Town to come back! They did forgive Starlight pretty quickly in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, but they invite her to come to the village to give them suggestions on a party? I really liked how the moral became of the story of Starlight being afraid to be a leader! It was a great use for her character! Not to mention she brought Trixie with her (which I expected her to appear)! A nice callback to No Second Prances! So this season did have an arc! I figured that, I just didn't think anyone else knew! Alot of people seemed to think that before the synopsis for this episode came out. Princess Luna also had an interesting part in here! Good thing the dream things didn't end in Bloom & Gloom! She being able to warn Starlight of what's going on through the dream is something very useful for her to do! Something that also hasn't happened yet that I've been hoping for! Luna can show relations to Starlight too! Alot of characters seem to relate to Starlight in here, yunno? More than she thought! I can relate to Starlight too! I'm also afraid of being a leader! What if I'm not good at it? What if people start to quit in the middle of the project because of bad job I do as a leader? Oh well, cross that bridge when we get to it; and Starlight, in the end, became an awesome leader, and I'm proud of her! And look at the results! Well... look when you see the episode. I ain't posting a picture here. Heh! I just watched the part when Party Favor asked Starlight which banner feels more "Sunset", and Starlight doesn't know the answer to that! Starlight being like Sunset Shimmer reference? ;)

All the characters that were teamed up Starlight is something I predicted, but I predicted there being more. Trixie, she was obvious, and she was AWESOME in here! This is pretty much Trixie's best role! She really played a heroic role, she was clever, and she was an amazing friend to Starlight! She and Discord also really hit it off! I've been wanting to see those two meet for a long time, and the results were awesome! Those two were comedy gold! They really need to have more episodes together! Discord was also really helpful in here too! Shows how much he really cares for Fluttershy, and would go great lengths to save her! Would've thought he would've done it for Princess Celestia too, but seeing him wanting to save Fluttershy is really sweet! They've really been helpful in here! Thorax was awesome too! I've enjoyed his first encounter on The Times They Are A Changeling! Him being the key for the Changelings reforming was incredible! I'm not a big fan of the new looks for the changelings though, but hey, it's for the toys. Gotta remember, we're all watching a kid's show. That didn't really bother me, but what kinda did bother me was the lack of Sunburst and Spike on the team. Those two have really been helpful to Starlight and would've been a great addition to the team. However, it would've ruined the fact that these characters are actually a reformed villains group (well, sort of for Thorax), so adding Spike and Sunburst wouldn't be that smart. But those two did play a major role in the finale without even appearing much! Sunburst sent Thorax, and Spike befriended Thorax, and if he didn't do that, this finale wouldn've happened the way it did, so... yeah... it's like season 4 was with the key episodes! Each of the Mane Six saved the day in the finale without doing much! But seeing how very little we saw Sunburst this season, I hope we see more of him next season; and for Spike, I know the writers are building him up for something, so if it wasn't for this finale, it's gotta be for something in the future!

Now Queen Chrysalis' plan here was actually more clever than the season season two finale! The season 2 finale was still good, but this one was even better! She replaced all the princesses, Shining Armor, Spike, and the Mane Six with changelings so she thought nopony could stop her! Wow, she thought of Spike as a threat! Nice! I guess after realizing he was the one who befriended Thorax, and also that he has Princess Ember and the other Dragons by his side, he had to go! ;) I actually thought Equestria's allies would've played a part in this: the dragons, the yaks, the Griffons... but I guess they're saving that story for later. Now that the changelings are also the allies, I know they're building up for a big battle sometime in the future! The changeling hive really wasn't anything I expected! It changes with the changelings, and that's pretty creative! Lots of interesting twists in the middle too; especially when Thorax was the one that was captured while being disguised as Starlight! Josh and Mike really did an awesome job on this finale!

Now even though this is my second favorite season finale (Twilight's Kingdom is still number one in my book), this finale still had a few flaws. Beside the lack of Sunburst and Spike in the group, the number one thing that really bothered me in this finale was the lack of the main cast all together. Big Jim himself said that every season finale is treated like a series finale, and this one really didn't feel like a series finale at all. Can't have a series finale without all of the main cast shining in the spotlight. None of the main cast really did much other than Fluttershy and Twilight. Everypony else really didn't do anything. But at least Twilight wasn't the main hero for a finale for once, so that was a nice change! And Chrysalis isn't reformed which was a relief to see! She might come back for revenge! I think she might team up with an even stronger villain! Who knows what might happen?

I didn't think it would happen, but it did! We got a BINGO! Spike got a chance to sing (The Times They Are A Changeling), supporting characters got to save Equestria (To Where and Back Again - Part 2), free hugs (>^w^<) (free space), BG pony references that I recognize (multiple episodes), and returning antagonists or former antagonists got to meet (No Second Prances)! Awesome season, and awesome bingo! Time to prefer for the next season! I'll be writing a review for the entire season next to bring it all down together! I hope everyone else enjoyed this season like I did! I know not all of you did, but I really enjoyed it! It was Spike's best season so far, so what's not to love about it? :D

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