Been really obsessed with Skyrim lately! That's why these reviews are taking a long time to do! But the season's over, so until the next season comes, I got plenty of time to do these reviews! But until then, here comes Top Bolt!

I knew this would be a Twilight-Rainbow Dash Cutie Map episode from the start! But after seeing so many Rainbow Dash episodes this season, I thought it would be weird having yet-another Rainbow Dash episode this season! But hey, much like Rarity, you can't get too much of Rainbow Dash! Only too little of the other Mane Six! Not much Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy this season in that regard. Also we got ourselves a second Wonderbolt episode this season! I know alot of the fans don't seem to like them, but I do! It's not every season that you get to see Spitfire twice in a season! Alot of the fans seemed to think Lightning Dust was coming back, and I'm sure she will along side Wind Rider sometime either next season or another future season! So Twilight and Rainbow get called by the map to the Academy to help Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail assist in their friendships that also involve their part in the academy. I gotta say, the lady writers almost never seize to amaze me with their episode ideas! Season 6 is definitely the season for them! I loved the moral of the difference between lack of confidence and overconfidence, and I love the way how it was executed! Rainbow and Twilight were both awesome in this episode! Much like how the previous episode made up for Applejack, this one made up for the lack of awesome Rainbow Dash content this season! Don't get me wrong, I loved Newbie Dash and Stranger Than Fan Fiction, but this is the episode where Rainbow was on top and knew exactly what she was saying!

Now, Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail... let's get to know our targets for the episode! First off, Sky Stinger is pretty much a jerk and overconfident of himself - worse than season 1 Rainbow Dash pretty much, and at least I was ok with season 1 Rainbow. Let me add for a second that in the flashback scene where it showed Sky has a lot of siblings, it looks like he's related to one of those sick ponies from Leap of Faith! I recolonized her! Anyways, back to Sky. He was pretty much a jerk at first, but I guess once you know you're not as good as you thought you are, then you become less cocky. Or maybe in denial! Everyone's different! Vapor Trail is cute! She sounds alot like Bonnie from Family Guy! She's a very loyal friend, a pony we'd all wanna be, only without the lack of confidence in herself. She's also kinda like another Fluttershy. I mean it's not like we don't have alot of ponies that act like her. :P I gotta say, I ship these two, especially when Vapor said to Sky "I'm gonna hit the showers", I bet that gave Sky some subliminal messaging! ;) Season 6 - tis the season of shipping! :D

The amount of characters that appeared in this episode was pretty cool too! We got to see cameos of Spike, Starlight Glimmer, and Misty Fly! But doesn't Misty Fly and Starlight share the same VA? Why didn't Starlight say anything? Whatever, shouldn't question it because of the amount of Starlight we got in the finale. Also saw the other 'bolts in the photos in the classroom! We also got another OC that appeared on the show from Make a Wish - Angel Wings! I already like her better than Stellar Eclipse! The humor in this episode was amazing! The blowhorn part in the classroom, and I loved Spitfire in here with loving her job and the way she handles the cadets! Also the best part: Rainbow is at the Academy, got called by the map, and then has to go BACK to the Academy! That's just hilarious! XD I gotta say, season six had the best map episodes even though 2 of the 3 locations are places we've seen already! Season 5 had the newer locations, but the map episodes were more interesting this season! Not a single one I disliked! Last season Made in Manehattan was an alright episode, and The Hooffields and McColts was a meh episode, but I did like the other two! Can't wait to see what map episodes we got next season! If I'm going to guess the duos for next season map episodes, I'll go with Pinkie/Fluttershy, Applejack/Rainbow Dash, and Rarity/Twilight. I could be wrong though, but that's just my guess. I know my fake season 7 synopsises say otherwise, but... don't question MegaSean logic! :P

Anyways, that was a really good episode! Nice having some Twilight content without Starlight in the way, and even though Twilight isn't doing much in the finale, it gives her a chance to be doing something! Alright, one more review left to go! :D

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