Alright, first off, what took so long for Las Pegasus to finally appear? Second, is Las Pegasus ponified Vegas or ponified LA? It seems that DHX can't make up their minds. Well, it eventually stuck with the Vegas idea, so I guess... I dunno, where are the movies made? Where's Applewood? Is Applewood separate from LP? No idea. But for now, it's time for review the episode!

It's nice that we finally got the Cutie Map back, and it's been a while since we last had an Applejack and Fluttershy episode, and this time it's just them without the Mane Six! So Las Pegasus, it's a pretty colorful place with alot of hotels and mini-theme parks and arcades! Guess they don't want to influence gambling. :3 It's nice to see more ponies are noticing the Mane Six's heroic roles in previous seasons! It's been like that alot this season, and it would be awesome to see more of the Mane Six getting noticed as they journey around Equestria! Of course not all the ponies seem to pay attention to that sort of thing, which is probably why they're not always recolonized. Or maybe ponies seem to think they're cosplays. I dunno, that's a Big Jim question! :P

I knew Gladmane was a crook from the start! No, I didn't read the summary that spoiled the whole episode, I just figured it out. With everypony arguing and fighting, it seemed like Gladmane's friendly attitude is just a money-making scam. Now the Flim-Flam Bros, it's so good to see them again! I always thought of them to be fun antagonists, even they though they weren't antagonists in this episode really. Now I thought at first that first green pony was Flim or Flam in disguise, but nope, who could they be hiding from anyway? Seeing the bro-bros argue did happen before in a Friends Forever comic, but this was very different from that, and executed much better! Of course, there were a couple of downsides to this, like... why would any of these ponies be so gullible thinking that Gladmane was right that the other is taking advantage over the other - let alone Flim and Flam? I mean they should've seen right through Gladmane! They trust each other more than Gladmane, so why would they believe him? Also it was a shame that the bro-bros didn't have a song in this episode, but good news: they didn't reform, which what I was hoping for! It makes their characters likable! I admired their scamy ways, and it just goes to show that they're crooks because it's their destiny to be them, and they were put to good use!

As far as cameos go, let me start off that there were sooooo many new BG ponies! The only one I recognized was Cherry Fizzy. So I guess new locations means new ponies! The travelling ponies everyone seems to point out that appeared in Spice Up Your Life, I didn't really recognize them at first to be honest, but are they gonna appear in every map episode? Doubt it! Top Bolt is gonna take place in the Wonderbolts Academy, and not many tourists go there. But we'll see! I saw the Gordon Ramzy pony cameo, but I didn't notice Svengallop until later. Looked like his career was going right down the toilet by the look of his face!

Much like that, this episode was executed very well, and it had it's share of humor and references! Gladmane seemed to be like Elvis, but Elvis is a singer. Was he a hotel owner? I'm not sure. But Gladmane owned every single hotel on the strip? Or was he going to own every hotel on the strip? That part I didn't get. Also now that he's not the owner of his resort anymore, who is? Also why did he quit? He just lost employees, but does that means he went out of business on the spot? Usually it takes a couple of weeks before that gets into affect. Also how did the bro-bros turn out to be the new managers? A couple of spots I didn't get, but regardless, I did enjoy the episode very much! The "Guy Writers" have done it again! It can't be The Times They Are A Changeling, but this one is still very awesome, and I'm looking forward to more of their writing next season! :D

Guess what happens in Las Pegasus stays on YouTube! Until it eventually gets taken down! c:

Also HEY, yesterday was my Birthday! I kept saying, I'm still waiting for a "Happy Birthday"! I don't care if it's a day after!

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