Yippie! Another Discord episode! In all honesty, I think I saw this episode coming but the exact opposite. My theory on this episode was that Rainbow Dash had a party because she officially became a Wonderbolt, but Discord was feeling left out for being the only one not invited. Basically, I was right! Someone was feeling left out of a party of some sort, only it was Twilight. See what happens when you stay inside to re-organize your books? Why do it over the weekend when you could just do it on the weekday when everyone is at work? I mean, as long as there are no friendship problems, Twilight, you have nothing else important to do. Seeing as all your friends like Discord now, is there really a reason to still judge him? The way I saw it, there were two possibilities on how this episode goes down:

1. Discord put a curse on Twilight's friends to force them to like him.

2. Twilight is judging Discord thinking that he screwed up again.

I'm so glad it was the second one! It was about time we had an episode when Discord doesn't screw anything up. Now bring on a Spike episode like that!

So the humor in this episode was pretty hilarious! I mean, it is a Discord episode after all. I lost it when Pinkie referenced Back to the Future! XD You know, it was the day Marty and Doc Browne went to 2015 last week. Glad they knew it too! Applejack Discord was kinda creepy though. Plus, alot of the humor came from Spike too. He was really being sarcastic throughout the episode, just how I like it! And is the voice of reason for Twilight! Spike was perfect in this episode! Except of course... there goes my theory on Spike being tired of Rarity. There's still next season! :3

Woo hoo! Zecora is back! I really didn't expect her to appear this season, but she did! I am so relieved!

Now the friendship moral, I have to say... that friendship moral was so good that I actually learned something! It's ok to be jealous. Just tell them, they shouldn't judge you! I got to fill out that bingo slot! Woo! Now all I need is Princess Celestia learning a friendship moral this season and I'll get a bingo! This episode kinda relates to me because there are times when I feel left out, like all the time! I'm just surprised Spike took it pretty well. I guess he's used to it.

So, overall, I know alot of people are saying this episode was "just ok", or "meh", but in all honesty, I loved it! Neal really outdid himself! This is certainly his better episode, and I enjoyed this Discord episode much more than Make New Friends but Keep Discord! :D

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