Y'know, I bet you never thought I'd make a blog post about the album. ;) Well, I'm treating it like an episode. Only difference is: I'm not including the bingo on this, but I thought it would be nice if I shared to you my thoughts on it, song by song.

It's a Pony Kind of Christmas: A nice intro to the album featuring the Mane Six! It kinda hints what each of them are going to be singing on the album, such as Rainbow Dash singing Dashing Through the Snow in a different way, and Pinkie Pie saying she wants to countdown and all that. I really had chills in this song! It was so good! I kinda had a vision in my head an MLP episode, but not your average everyday MLP episode: a stop-motion special much like the recent SpongeBob Xmas special! And the special would feature all these songs, only it was be Hearth's Warming and not Xmas. That was my only problem in this album. Why are they singing Christmas and not Hearth's Warming? Just as we thought we'd have just one show without anything religious in the way. Where's Hanukkah? But still, awesome song!

Jingle Bells: The first solo in this song is Jingle Bells being sung by RD. How expecting! A rock song! XD When the song first started I kinda thought it wasn't gonna be that original, but it was later on. Rainbow really rocked it out! You know what was funny about this song? Rainbow say "Hey!" and all the parts in the central chorus part except for the part it's supposed to be in. XD This song really fits Rainbow. I mean "Dashing" through the snow! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah that was laugh was fake. I made that joke already a long time ago back when I was making Book 1 of my story! :P But still, what better pony to be singing this song than Rainbow?

Deck the Halls: Rarity is an amazing singer! Or more like her singing voice actress is the good singer, but either way, this song was mainly enjoyable because her singing along with the chorus was very delightful! I'm just glad she didn't sing another fashion song. XD The style of the song was different though, but the lyrics... hmm... well I'm not sure the lyrics that much on the original version, but I don't really hear the difference between the two songs lyric-wise. I'm sure something's different, but I just don't know the lyrics of the original song. As I figured, this song would be about Rarity wanting to decorate, so it suits her. So yeah, beautiful song!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas: Starts off traditional, and then it gets original in between. Typical Twilight with her list and being organized. ;) You know, I've been watching alot of Winnie the Pooh lately and Rabbit is the same way! If everything is not organized, it bothers him. Twilight is the same way! You know, this might be the way I sing this song now, because I like changes as long as it's not so sudden. You know, the more I listen to these songs, the more I think they should make a special episode featuring these songs. The endings to these songs give me chills as well!

Silent Night: Fluttershy! Who else would sing a song about silence? XD Nopony likes silence more than Fluttershy! Or Twilight if she's busy. :3 This song was really beauitful! It was probably the most beautiful song in the soundtrack! This song itself would grow even Scrooge's heart three sizes! It takes a very talented actress like Andrea to voice a hyper character and a quiet character at the same time! I can already picture a music video of Fluttershy singing this to her hibernating animal friends. I bet the fandom is going to make music videos of these! I hope they're as adorable as these songs! :3

Twelve Days of Christmas: How many of you said to yourselves "Really, Pinkie?" throughout the whole song? XD I did! A bunch of times! I never expected the big bowl of raviloli, or the "Mmm" after the cherrychangas (or chimicherries, whichever you perfer), or how the style of the song changes depending on her mood! After some beautiful songs we could use a smile from Pinkie! What's an album without some lulz from our second favorite super-dooper party pony? :D As quoted by Rainbow: "Pinkie, you are so random!" XD Now the only question is: what kind presents did Gummy get?

Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas: HA! XD This sounds like something Cheese Sandwich would sing! But nope, it's somepony (or someone) by the name of Pop Fly. Now I have to admit, I thought Pop Fly was Leena Hall's character at first, but nope, I guess not. It's some guy. Some say it's Fluttershy's brother. I say it's some kid that we're going to meet in season 6. I dunno, all I know for sure is that we should meet him in season 6. So this song was pretty hilarious! I guess we got the feeling that Pop Fly is going to be a trouble maker of some sort, huh? ;)

Jolly Ol' St. Nick: AWESOME! Spike even gets a song in here! Now this makes me so happy! If this song were a part of season five, I'd check off that bingo slot in a heartbeat! :D I've always thought of Spike to be a swing singer. Oh wow! Another bingo slot! It really suits him! You know, after hearing Cathy sing for Spike, he's gotta be singing more often in the series soon! I mean after hearing him sing the Cloudsdale Anthem, I bet some of you thought he wasn't going to sing well. But nope, that was the best! I like hearing my little buddy finally have a chance to shine! So it starts off with Spike wanting presents. Could make you think it's his greed again, but he was singing for what the Mane Six want, and then what Santa thinks is best for him. Turns out even an album song not even part of the show gives him character! :D

Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne): And we conclude the album with a very sweet song by the Apple family (with the exception of Big Mac). A very typical song by Applejack and Apple Bloom to sing about families for the holidays. Oh yeah, and Granny Smith was there too, but I barely heard her. She and Apple Bloom should've had a solo. It was just Applejack singing mostly, and I did hear Apple Bloom, but kinda. So yeah it was a very sweet song to conclude the album, but the only thing missing was it lacked the other Apple family solos. You know, some say this song was them singing their parents. Now that you mention it, it kinda does! Wow... this song is now making me a bit teary eyed. I'm not sure if joy or sadness. ;?; You know... this gives me an idea for an Applejack seasonal arc. I really need to hire myself an agent so I can send in my ideas to DHX.

The Heart Carol: Behold! The extended version of the Equestria National Anthem! It was pretty as it always was! But it ain't that different from the original version. It's just bigger. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was pretty! But none of the characters were heard. I really wanted to listen to the album to hear the characters, but the perfect conclusion to the perfect album! ^_^

So furthermore, this bunch of music is really awesome music! It explains why there wasn't much songs in season five. This all makes up for it! Ol Danny thinking up a bunch of music in his free time, I must thank him for this awesome soundtrack! There should really be a Hearth's Warming special featuring these songs, only, you know I say again, them saying Hearth's Warming instead of Christmas. Perhaps these were actually Equestria Girls singing and that's why they're saying Xmas. :P

So how about you? What did you think of the music? If you haven't already, then why are you reading this?! Go and listen to them already! :D

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