Why do we exactly wish? And what is the point to those wishes?

Sorry but I just want 1 thing for season 4 and that is to be a good one, so that the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic might endure. Most fans concerns are on Alicorn Twilight why make a wishlist? I mean it is hasbro who snaps the influence of the course of MLP FIM you see this especially when you own MLP-Toys. We shouldn't be concerned with what the upcomming season contains but if it will be executed well, as this will decide wether Alicorn Twilight is good or not good. When this is good the chance might be very well that the other main character get their share aswell.

Codes and extra

FANMADE Twilight read poster

Twilight READ

Something extra usually I am checking the codes of toys, they tell what the suprise contains. I often do this for my sister when buying those, I check them so that we don't end up with doubles which is troublesome. Well the codes have changed and been made more difficult still easy but more difficult. This tells me that Hasbro wants more money.


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