This blog is designed to be helpful and informationative to give a run down on what is expected when images are uploaded to this wiki.

Image naming

This is probably the most important and symbolic property of an image - the name of it!

  • Names such as Ghhfhufuy.jpg, 497274756.png or Screenshot at 5:45:12 on 07/07/13.png are not suitable file names - random or gibberish letters help nobody!
  • Names should also not have bunched up letters - such as PinkiePieEatingCornS3E2.png.
  • If images are not MLP related, give it a name describing it at least roughly, and do not add any unneeded excess characters. An example of this happening: Thomas884895.png If the name itself is not available (such as if 'Thomas.png' already existed) then add just one or two extra characters but try to keep it short as possible.

Fanmade images

  • If images are MLP related, and is fanmade material, then add the prefix 'FANMADE' to all images which are fanmade. An example: FANMADE Luna Gala dress.png. A lot of the fanmade images on the wiki consist of original characters (completely fanmade ponies). Please do not add FANMADE to images which are not MLP related.

Official images

  • If images are MLP related, and are not fanmade material (usually a screenshot from an episode) then you should add the season and episode tag as a prefix or suffix. There is no solid guideline to whether it can be as a suffix or prefix, but most of them on the wiki are suffixes so that is preferable by most. Add the season & episode number shorthand like this: Rainbow Dash dodging Scootaloo S3E6.png. The S means season, and E means episode. So in this image that name decodes to Season 3 Episode 6, which is Sleepless in Ponyville. Most images in episode galleries have a season and episode tag, ones which do not will be renamed sooner or later.
  • If you take a snapshot and perhaps crop it or something of that context, then the name of the file should say cropped in it. (similar to IDs) However it's preferred to put full uncropped images instead of ones being cropped (unless they're being used for IDs, or to easily point out something important or special)

Image quality

Images on the wiki in mainspace pages should have (iTunes) 720p or higher quality. Most preferable of images are iTunes versions as they contain no Hub logo watermarks, and brilliant quality. It is also a good idea to use a png lossless compressor such as PngOptimizer or PNGGauntlet which compress file size without losing any quality; thus improving loading time for images. Note it is best to compress images when they are in their final version e.g. 720p iTunes logoless on a gallery, not an image which has a watermark or bad quality/resolution because it will probably be re uploaded at some point anyway. I always try and upload the best quality images I can, because if you don't, well, someone will replace it for you at some point but you could just upload the best version the first time around.

Image description

Images may also have a description to them when they're uploaded. This is optional however, most images from episodes do not have a description at all - and is perfectly accepted. Some instances where having a description is useful would be when leaving a source link when uploading something such as promotional material, or the source of a fanmade uploaded image.


Now, you have uploaded your image(s) correctly! What next? Well, you should categorize them soon after you uploaded them. This can be done by going to the bottom of the image, where it says [+] Add category. Click that, and depending on what is depicted in the image, you should add all the characters which have a category in it. Note however there are a couple exceptions to this rule - see here.

Categorizing official material

  • Most ponies have their own image category, as do episodes.
  • Promotional and comic images can be categorized in their respective categories, as well as the images from the My Little Pony (mobile game). Of course these aren't just the only other exceptional categories, there are others too (The whole list can be found here, also the subcategories of those categories).
  • For pony profile images (such as those being used to represent ponies on the list of ponies or their respective pages, or on characters), the category 'Profile images' should also be added.
  • Images depicting cutie marks should have the category cutie mark images added.
  • There are various locations in the show. Categories such as Ponyville images exist for categorization of such places.
  • Images depicting animation errors should have the category animation error images added.

Categorizing unofficial material/images in general

  • Unofficial images (not from the show, but are still related to it OR images from the show which have been edited) should only have the Fanmade images category. Any other categories should be removed if found (except the animated images and animation errors categories - if you do not know how to remove categories, open the edit box on the page and go to where the categories are found; remove the categories then save).
  • The fanmade images category only applies to fanmade MLP related images. If they're depicting something else - then you should add the category 'Non-MLP images'.
  • If pony images are visible such as screenshots from the live chat or from something such as Reddit or Twitter, the category Other MLP-related images should be added instead of fanmade images.
  • Images used to cite or source information should have the category images used for citation added.
  • Images depicting logos, symbols, icons etc should have the category icons, symbols, etc. added.

Categorizing animated images

Animated images usually exist in the .gif format (however note that not all .gifs are animated). See more about this here. Animated images should have the category Animated images added; this category can also be added to images with the Fanmade images category.

Usage of images on the wiki

Now, you know how to upload images correctly and categorize them. The next step is to use them somewhere! (Hopefully you were planning on doing this else they're pointless to upload, and if they're not used at all they will probably be deleted). Every episode also has their own category. As with categorization, images need to be in the right galleries. If you are uploading images from an episode, make sure those images are in that gallery (remember not to upload duplicates!). As well as images being in the right episode gallery, they should also be in the right character galleries too. Try and put them in the right order according to how they appear in the episode. Almost every character appearing in episodes has their respective category (excluding ponies with placeholder/no names). Logoless images with high definition also help (iTunes sources). Images with bad quality and/or logoless in galleries will most likely be replaced with better versions in the future. Note when an episode is recently aired, any half decent images will do in the galleries for now until the HQ versions are released.

Images not being used anywhere on the wiki will appear here and may subject to deletion.

Tips & Tricks

  • Please do not use the uppercase extensions (JPG/PNG/JPEG/GIF).
  • Please use .jpg instead of .jpeg extension. This makes the file management easier.
  • After several times of not following the policies on descriptive file names (like keep uploading misnamed files) a user may be blocked. In this case a minor block warning should be issued before the firm block.
  • For uploading batches of images, use Special:MultipleUpload instead of Special:Upload. This way you can upload up to 10 images (20 for admins) in one tab/window instead of doing it one by one. This also enables you to categorize multiple images with the same categories.
  • When adding images to galleries, use the source editor. It is much more quicker and efficient than using visual editor, as well as less bugs. Familiarize yourself on how galleries work in source editor first by perhaps testing in your sandbox.
  • When uploading batches of images, you can categorize them before you upload (if it's multiple upload they can all be categorized at once) by putting the category in the upload description. An example would be: [[Category:Scootaloo images]].
  • When uploading images, it's preferred you upload files in the form of .png instead of any other format, because .pngs are the highest quality and can be easily reuploaded with another .png should it be necessary. Re-uploading .jpgs involves deleting the old superseded jpg and is not recommended. Of course if you can only get hold of .jpgs, then that's fine as it's better than nothing.


I hope this has helped users to properly upload images to this wiki. Leave any suggestions or feedback in the comments below if you can! I'd greatly appreciate it :) - B0lGGoQ.gifOz  

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