it's been a while since I made one of these posts. I'll get right to the point.

Commonly needed cleanup on the FiM Wiki

  • Copyediting
    • Excessive use of the passive voice. Phrases that might indicate this: "is seen", "as shown", "as demonstrated", "is revealed". These phrases are almost always superfluous. Don't say that something is seen, simply describe what is seen. It is almost never important to note that something that is happening "is seen".
    • Editorializing. Using parenthetical, speculative, instructive, or overly subjective statements. Phrases that might indicate this: "notably", "importantly", "interestingly", "it is apparent".
    • Excessive capitalization. Common nouns are rarely capitalized: dogs, cats, changelings, unicorns, but NOT Dogs, Cats, Changelings, Unicorns. Exceptions to this are rare. Similarly, use sentence case for titles, not word case.
    • Excessive use of parentheses. This one is tricky, try to avoid parentheses in general. I recommend consulting the Chicago Manual of Style.
    • Single-sentence paragraphs. They should be grouped into a larger cohesive paragraph when possible.
    • Staccato. You'll never see me correcting staccato because I mainly write in staccato, which is terrible for the flow of a paragraph. Writing in short, loosely-connected sentences is bad for readability.
  • In-universe perspective
    • Simply put, describe the show as it is presented, don't tell a story and don't "fill in the gaps" in the fictional events. Phrases that might indicate this: "it is apparent", "has the ability to", "this means". Always describe a specific depiction of a specific instance. Generalizations should only occur in lead sections, but only if the occurrences are so abundant that they can be generalized. One or two instances should not be generalized. For example, "Twilight can create a magical protective bubble" is a generalization and it's written from an in-universe perspective. "Twilight creates a magical protective bubble [in The Return of Harmony - Part 2]" is an accurate description of the depiction of this event in the series. This is an important distinction that, when blurred, leads to much speculation and inaccurate descriptions.
  • Speculation
    • Possibly the easiest to fix since it only requires removing the content. Speculation is anything that's not explicitly depicted in official material or reliable sources. Usually it's original research that delves into speculation when it doesn't rely on official material, but sometimes it's simply "filling in the gaps" in the narrative of the show, and sometimes it's just wild speculation. Phrases that might indicate this: "it is apparent", "this must mean", "this may mean". The easiest way to avoid speculation is to simply describe the show and official material in the way they're presented.
  • Formatting
    • Excessive use of images or improper placement. Images are used to illustrate the text. Images should be pertinent to the text that they accompany, and images should not disrupt the flow of paragraphs, sections, or headers.

Nearly every article on the wiki needs cleanup. This is the inescapable reality of any wiki, where editorial oversight is always needed.

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