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  • UniCandy

    Hurt/Heal-Twist Edition

    August 14, 2013 by UniCandy

    Hey! This is UniCandy and I obviously am doing a hurt/heal blog, but with some twists. There are going to be some fan-fiction characters like, Nyx, Aurora, and Pinkamena. There also will be a new pony per week!

    1. No spamming comments. I will take the spammers last heal and take away 2 points
    2. You can quadruple heal and hurt
    3. There will be factions
    4. Please, recommend twists (in the comments)
    6. Don't be mad if your favorite pony dies
    7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

    (hp stands for health points)

    1. Every 2 days, a new pony will join the game
    2. Every 2 days the pony with the least amount of hp will die
    3. No healing ponies over 40 hp
    4. You can vote hourly
    5. Weekly, the 5 ponies with the least hp will lose 5 hp
    6. Everyone will start at 10 hp
    7. There will be filly versions of the Mane…

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  • UniCandy

    Least 5

    April 7, 2013 by UniCandy

    Hi. This continues onto the top 10 characters blog. This is the five worst, and I'll show you now to do it,

    1. Pinkie. I used to like her, but now she is REALLY SUPER DUPER annoying and unneeded.

    2. Celestia- doesn't ever save equestria herself

    3. Snips and snails

    4. Sombra

    5. Does hasbro count?

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  • UniCandy

    Season Four Ideas!

    March 26, 2013 by UniCandy

    Okay. Here ya go!

    • Celestia and Luna's backstory- who were their parents? Where are their parents? Maybe even their cutie marks. And on the hub, there was a commercial that said Princess Celestia had a cutie mark of the mane 6.
    • LESS ANNOYING PINKIE! Pinkie used to be my favorite character, but she is slowly progressing into a Patrick, aka an annoying unnessesary character
    • A little more Derpy- well we all want it...
    • Gryphon Kingdom. Maybe a return of Gilda, and/or Lightning Dust
    • Much, much more Rarity. All she did in season three was whine, complain, and make Sweetie belle carry her things. More of her fashionista side. You have a PRINCESS as a friend. USE her to sell products for the
    • Gala! WHen is the next one?
    • Equestria Games
    • Return of Crystalis a…

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  • UniCandy

    Season Four

    February 9, 2013 by UniCandy


    sorry bout that!

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