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So yeah, ten chapters. Who would have thunk it, right? So anyway to commerate UP reaching 10 chapters and only going slightly crazy, you get an extra long chapter today. So yeah enjoy! Oh yeah have some music as well. To set the mood I guess.

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This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actually blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 10

(Blue’s POV)

How can somepony be so cruel? How could he be so unfeeling? I feel like he’s ripped my heart from my chest. The Black Dove has spread the cold tendrils of death over my true love. He must pay for it. I promised that he would pay, but I must wait for the right opportunity. Now is a bad time. I need to grieve for Sea first.

The funerals for all those who died in The Battle of Leben. The casualty count was high. 132 ponies died and 54 were wounded. One of them was counted even though he had been murdered, Seaswirl. I see him, laying peacefully in his coffin, almost as if he is sleeping. I almost think that he is, until I touch his fur, it’s as cold as ice. I notice the massive wound in his neck, no matter how hard they had tried to hide it. His body and all the others around me reek of death. It makes me sick with rage. The night Sea died, I mounted an arrow on the wall. That arrow will be the arrow I will avenge Sea with. It’s a rather simple arrow, nothing special. Sea was always a pony who like simple things anyway, if things were complicated he didn’t want anything to do with them.

The funeral services are long. Many ponies speak, including Epic and Princess Luna herself. Finally Luna stopped talking and I thought that would be it. They could bury the bodies and I could go back to my tent and cry. Before they could do that though, Unknown jumped up on the stage. “I would like to say something about Seaswirl.” He says, “Sea was a great…”

I didn’t hear the rest of his obviously faked speech. I didn’t want to hear his hypocritical words. It’s obvious to me why he did it. He wanted everypony to think that he had actually been friends with Sea. Why would a friend kill another friend, after all? I am not blind like the others. I can see through his mask, he can’t fool me.

By the time I reach my tent, I am seething with rage. How could he do this and then pretend that he didn’t do it? I reach up to the arrow mounted on my wall. I promised I would do this later, but he deserves it now. I sling my bow across my back and begin walking to the place where they will bury the bodies. I see a tree that will do and reach into my pack to bring out the spiked shows and rope I use to climb trees with. I use my magic to tie it into a loop and then using my magic, tie it to a tree. Then I begin the slow climb into the tree. Sometimes I wish I had hands. After what seems like hours of struggling I finally reach the branch I wanted. I tie myself in and wait. They’ll be here in a few minutes to bury the bodies.

After a while I see them. It’s just my luck that Unknown is leading the train of mourning ponies. Almost all of them have coffins hoisted on their backs. Unknown doesn’t, that lazy piece of garbage. They line up in front of the pre-dug holes; ready to lower the coffins into them. Unknown is in the open, this is my chance. I nock the arrow, and using my magic I bring it up to eye level. I slowly pull back the string, hearing the familiar popping noises. Looking down the shaft of the arrow, I predict how much far I need to aim above his head. I want to hit him in the chest so he can feel the maximum amount of pain from the expanding tip. I have lined the shot up as perfectly as I can. I am about to let the arrow fly, when I hear something. At first it just seems like a murmur, but soon it becomes louder. It’s a voice, a very familiar one,Don’t do it Blue. Don’t kill him yet. You must wait for the right time. Unknown still has an important role to play. Don’t let your anger and bloodlust cloud your sight. I know you are better than this. You can avenge me later. I hear the voice of my lost love echo through my head.

After the voice stops I lower my bow, not wanted to offend the spirit of Sea. ‘I may not be able to kill Unknown yet, but I can bring him to just.’ I think to myself, ‘I must talk to EpicLuna right away.’

“No! Absolutely not.” Epic shouts, “I am not going to let you waste time conducting an investigation of the murder of Seaswirl. I have more important matters to attend to, and to be honest, so do you.”

“Come on Epic, you can’t just let Unknown walk away with this.” I complain, “He obviously did it. How can you be so blind?”

“Blind!? I’m not blind. I just don’t think I want to waste people and resources trying to prove that he did it.” Epic points out, “If you want to question Unknown by yourself, you can go right ahead. You are not allowed to involve anyone else in the investigation.”

“Fine, may I fetch Unknown?” I ask.

“Yes, use the main tent to question him, I will make sure everypony has cleared out before you begin the questioning.”

I bow my head and quickly gallop out to find him. I find him in the mess hall, just finishing up his meal. I march right up to him. “You’re needed in the main tent.” I say flatly.

“Ah, I will be right with you Blue. Let me just finish up, and I will be right with you.” 'He says. Before he can continue his meal, I use my magic and slam him into the ground. Before he can react, I have my knife pressed against his throat. “Now!” I shout.

“Fine, fine. No need to get violent.” He says. “Would you kindly remove the knife from my throat so I may get up.

We reach the main tent and I waste no time in sitting him down. I don’t have the time for his tricks. I begin the questioning. At first he won’t answer, and if he does it’s in one word replies or nods. Eventually I get fed up with this and ask him the question I need to know the answer to. “Did you kill, Seaswirl last night?”

I hear him scoff. “So that’s what this is about, huh? Fine. No I didn’t kill him.” He says. “You think I would kill my own allies.”

When I hear him say that, I snap. I stab the my knife into the table, only a few inches from his hoof. “You know you did! Stop lying to me and just admit to your crimes.” I yell. “You can’t hide from justice forever. Now you are going to tell me what happened that night or I swear to Celestia I will gouge your eyes out and then force feed them to you.”

He looks up at me, obviously shocked at the threat. Then I hear him start to chuckle, then his laugh becomes louder and louder. “Wow, I didn’t know you had it in you, Blue.” He says while wiping tears from his eyes.

‘He dares mock me!’ I think to myself. ‘I’m sick and tired of this pony.’

“So, Unknown is says here,” looking at his folder, “that your parents died when you were young.”

I see him flinch. “You know very well about that Blue. What are you playing at?” He questions.

“Hey, I’m the one questioning you, not the other way around.” I say. “It also says that you came to possess those knives there, soon after the previous owner died. Care to explain?”

“I-I-I… He gave them to me. I was his favorite after all. He wanted me to have them.” He says, obviously lying.

“Now, Unknown.” I say leaning forward. “We both know that’s not true. I’ve done my research on those knives of yours. They belong to whomever killed the previous owner. So you had to have killed your leading officer to get them.”

I see his gaze drop. I know I’ve got him where I want him. “Let me tell you something Blue.” He says quietly. “These knives were crafted many years ago. In the forges of Canterlot. This pair was issued to the highest ranking military officer. The pony who fit the bill was a terrible, terrible pony. He wasn’t, how do I put this, loyal to his wives. One day he left his fourth wife and as he left she said, ‘You and whoever wields those knives will never experience true love and will never love again. They will corrupt whoever wields them, driving them slowly insane. Then they will die in extreme pain and misery.’ The curse held strong. Many ponies used the knives, they all died in brutal and painful ways. Now I wield them, and I know that I am living on borrowed time. Soon I will meet a pony that I cannot best in battle.”

When he finishes speaking he looks up at me. “So go ahead. Kill me. Make my day and end my miserable life.” He says. “Do you know what it feels like? Knowing that your mind is slowly fracturing. Knowing that you could die at any second. No you don’t, but you could. Just kill me, and the curse passes on to you. You play with fire, you get burned.”

I realize now why Sea had not wanted me to kill him. He knew that if I killed him, the curse would pass to me. “Blue, you can try as hard as you want to prove I killed Sea, but I won’t confess.” He says. “I’m leaving now. I have things to do.”

He walks away leaving me seething in anger. ‘He just walked out! I wasn’t done with him yet!’ I think. ‘That’s it I don’t care about some curse. He’s going to die.’

Before I can get to my tent to retrieve my bow, a voice shouts my name. I turn to see Epic and Luna trotting up to me. “Ah Blue good to see you. We have just gotten word that the Solars want to meet us under the flag of peace at high noon. Something about a peace treaty.” She says.

“Thank you for coming.” Candle says. He limps to the middle of the group. He’s obviously still in extreme pain from the arrow he took to the leg. “We are here to purpose a peace treaty and an alliance. I believe that we both have a common enemy here, the Rebellion. Their sacrilegious ways must be put to an end. I say we unite under one flag and wipe them off the face of the Earth.”

I see Luna and Epic thinking hard. “Hmmm… I don’t see anything wrong with this plan. We both are having problems with the Rebels. They are constantly attacking our scout parties. They must be defeated.” Luna says.

“So we are all in agreement then.” Candle says. Everypony in the room nods. “Good, now we need to attack.”

The Rebels see us coming a mile away. The whole sneak attack plan was flawed from the start. How are you supposed to hide over 9000 ponies? Unless your enemy is blind, there is nothing secret about it. Soon bullets are raining down on us. Ponies scatter in all directions, trying to save their own lives. There are not friends in war, only allies. I’m disgusted by the sight of it, but I have to time to worry about it right now. I duck behind a tree, and slowly pull out an explosive tipped arrow from my quiver. I peer around the tree, seeing ponies sniping from the ruins of a house. I slowly draw back the string, like I have done countless times. Hearing the familiar popping noises once more. I breath in, out, in, out. On the second breath out, I let got of the string and the arrow flies. The effects are positive, the entire house has been reduced to ash.

I see more Rebels hiding behind some dry brush. That was their only and most fatal mistake. I quickly pull out an incendiary arrow from my quiver, nock it, aim, breath in and out, and let it fly. When the arrow hits, the brush goes up like a pine tree. The ponies that were hiding in the brush are running out, screaming and writhing in pain. Soon they all fall to the ground either dying from their injuries or asphyxiation. It isn’t very quick and is very painful.

Now that two major sharpshooting squads have been taken out, I can focus on individuals. My mind goes into autopilot mode. Pull an arrow out, place it on the string, aim, fire. I rain arrows down on their army. Regular, expanding, fire, explosive, hydra, and barbed. It doesn’t matter what arrow I use, they all deliver death to those on the other end of the arrow head. I don’t remember how many ponies I kill, but I do remember one thing. I was enjoying it. Everypony I killed I felt a rush of energy course through me. It was addictive as any drug. I wanted more and more of it. Soon, the Rebels were fleeing, unable to fight off the combined forces of Solar, Lunar, and Swarm. Even as they were running I kept firing, I had to kill them all I just had to. I continued until I heard Sea’s voice again. “Stop, this isn’t who you are. You aren’t a crazed bloodlust soldier. You are a caring pony who always had second thoughts about killing. You are the pony who used to cry on my shoulder because of what you had done on the battlefield that day. You always felt sorry about what you had done. If this continues, then you aren’t the Blue I once knew. You are a completely different pony. This isn’t you.” His voice echoes in my head.

His voice is enough to snap me out of my rage. Then realization hits me. I’ve killed so many today. I lay down and cry. ‘The grass seems very soft here, maybe I’ll just lie here. Forever.’ I think to myself, as I drift off to sleep.

“Blue! Blue. Wake up!” I hear a voice shout. “You need to wake up.”

My eyes snap open to see Epic standing over me. Her eyes full of worry. When she sees that I am awake, she gives a little sigh of relief. “Thank Luna you’re ok. I thought you had slipped into some sort of comma.” Epic said. “They tested you and couldn’t find anything wrong. I guess now that you are awake, you can go back to your tent.”

I slowly rise from the cot I am lying on. I shake my head trying to clear the dizziness. When I’m finally up, I make the slow trot back to my tent. I just need some time alone. I need to think about what is happening to me. When I reach my tent everything seems normal at first. My bow has been brought back along with my quiver. It evens looks as if they have been newly cleaned. Then I see a little scrap of paper on the floor below the bow. I use my magic to pick it up and am shocked to see what is written on it.


Epic told me to bring these back to you. I even had them polished for you. You can thank me later. Anyway that’s not the reason I wrote this little note for you. I saw what you did out on the battlefield today. I just have to say I was impressed. Also, welcome to the club.

‘Club? What club?’ I wonder. Then I see who has written me the note. Below the text are two small letters.


End Chapter 10


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