This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actualblog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 12

(Unknown’s POV)

I walk among the ruined house. The smell of smoke fills my nose. Soon I get used to the smell and I begin to smell something completely different, the reek of death. Many ponies died yesterday, on both sides. Though Twilight’s army was completely destroyed we lost many. That and recruiting is at an all time low. Too many have died today. I am the only pony left here. I said I was going to stay back and burn the house to the ground to commemorate our victory over yet another army. There’s whispers that we may go up against the peaceful Crystals next, but I doubt that. They already have their hooves full with non-aligned ponies who have rallied behind some pony called Filly Please. This Cherno Alpha pony seems to be troubling since he talks in cryptic riddles that nopony can understand. It seems that King Sombra is on his final days.

I walk slowly to the back of the house and I see her. The princess of friendship is laying dead on the floor. It looks as if she is staring off into the distance, but then I see her eyes. The light has vanished from her eyes and the reek of death clogs my senses. It’s almost too overwhelming. I used to be able to kill and kill without feeling anything. That was my main draw, I didn’t feel. I wasn’t supposed to feel anything. Now as I walk through the bloodstained house the guilt almost crushes me. Then I see a pony with a small locket laying next to him. He must have opened it to see his family one last time. I see him and mare standing with three younger ponies. With that I leave the house. I take out my gasoline and pour it around and in the house. I walk away from the house, then using a fire spell I light the gasoline. I turn around to see the house engulfed in flames. Smoke pouring into the air. Then I hear a faint sound in my ear. Soon it becomes louder and louder. Eventually I realize that it’s the collective screams off all those who had died. I run as quickly as I can from that hellish place, tears streaming down my face.


I arrive in the camp soon after. I can see Solars, Lunars, and Swarm members all conversing with each other. Some of them are playing cards, some are cleaning their weapons, while still others are laughing around and telling old stories around a fire. I wonder to myself, ‘How long can all of this last. One day we will all be rivals again.’

I quickly walk back to my tent, not wanting to talk to any of them. Soon I find myself in my tent. I live in this tent by myself. Epic didn’t give me anyone to room with as she doesn’t completely trust me to night kill them in their sleep for snoring too loudly. I quickly unsheath my knives and throw them right at the wooden post in the middle of my tent. I take my revolver from my holster, and fling it to the ground. I don’t even bother getting ready for bed. I just flop into my bed and quickly fall asleep.

My dreams are hard to understand. I can not recall most of what I dreamed about, though there is one that I will never forget. First I see Seaswirl standing in his tent. I realize that this must be the night that he died. Then I’m Sea, and I turn around to see myself holding a knife to my throat. Then, just as it happened, I see myself drive the knives deep into my throat. I feel Sea’s fear and panic, but mostly I feel the pain. I feel the terror of not being able to breath. Soon my vision is blacking out and before it fades completely I hear a massive explosion.

I quickly snap awake, in a cold sweat. Before I can get my bearing another explosion rocks the earth. I quickly jump out my bed. I quickly pick up my revolver, checking to make sure it’s loaded. I quickly holster it, then pull my knives out of the wood. I quickly sheath them and run outside to see what is going on. The discordant scene in front of me is terrifying, ponies are running out their tents screaming. Mortar fire rains down on the camp, explosions split the air. Many ponies are already wounded with various body parts being blown off in the explosion, many already lie dead on the ground.

Luna, Blue, and Epic run around flustered trying to keep everyone calm and rally them together to counter the attack. Soon I hear the marching of feet, the Rebels are upon us. I draw my knives. Looking down at them, I wonder how many ponies cowered in terror from them. To some the knives are the last thing they see until they touch the Infinite. I almost drop them from the wave of guilt that washes over me. Then I think about all the ponies that are dying because I am too cowardly to fight. I get a better hold on them and run towards the Rebels, but before I can get there, I hear a whistling sound. Then a massive explosion goes off in front of me. I am flung back like a ragdoll in a hurricane. I hit the ground hard and the wind is knocked out of my lungs. I try to take in a breath and I fail to do so. I tell myself to calm down and eventually I am breathing again. Then I realize I can’t hear. I have been deafened by the explosion.

I try to get to my feet, but I can’t. When I try I just fall over from the nausea. The world is swooping around me. I hear the muffled screams and explosions. ‘No’ I think to myself. ‘I need to get up and help my brothers in arms.’

I slowly rise to my feet, spots flash across my eyes. The pain is unbearable, but I know that I must push through it. I slowly stagger back to the front lines eventually being able to walk and then trot. I can start to hear ringing in my ear and the sounds of explosions don’t sound as muffled as they were. Soon the dizziness has past and I gallop to aid my comrades. I then see the leader of the Rebels, The Bunker Guy. He wears a cold sneer upon his battle scarred face. I just really want to wipe that smug look of his face. I hurtle myself towards him. I jump at him and he turns a little too late. I see a look of surprise on his face as I slam into him. I pin him to the ground. He struggles under my grip but I hold fast. I’m about to draw my revolver and end his pathetic existence on this rock, but before I can finish the job he stops struggling. Confused, I lean back and he must have seen his chance. He surges upward and I am thrown off of him. I struggle to get up, I see him rushing for me and I quickly raise my knives to defend myself. His blade meets mine and sparks fly.

I slash and he jumps back allowing me to rise. I look at him and I see a look of pure hatred looking back at me. “Ah, The UnknownProdigy. I should have known.” He says. “What are you doing helping these fools? I know you are better than this Prodigy. Join me.”

His offer is quite seductive, but I know the right answer. “No Bunker.” I say. “I’m not going to let you convince me to do your dirty work again.”

I lunge at him, but before I can reach him, he pulls out a pistol and fires. I feel the bullet work it’s way deep in my chest. I fall to the ground and I taste the dust flying into my mouth. “Oh, sorry about that Prodigy. Maybe you should have accepted my offer.” He says smugly. “Now you are yet another pony to bite the dust.”

He gallops off to fight some other Celestial. I’m left to slowly watch my life’s blood drain away. The pain is unbearable like a hot knife driven into my chest. ‘Is this what they meant by misery and pain.’ I wonder. ‘It seems the curse has taken yet another victim.’

The edge of my vision is slowly turning dark. My life flashes before my eyes. My birth, the fire that took my parents, meeting Blue for the first time, having my heart ripped out when she choose Sea instead of me, joining the military, killing the leading officer, the War at the Rift and everything that happened to me when I was involved in it. Soon more recent events flash by. Finally I reach the end of my lifeline. Then one last image flashes across my vision, Sea’s face of terror when I killed him. Then my vision goes black and I let the darkness take me.

I wake up in a room of white. It’s very blinding. I wonder why I am here. ‘Maybe I lived the gunshot and I’m just dreaming.’ I think.

“There you would be wrong, Unknown.” I hear a voice say.

I turn to see a very familiar pony walking up to me. His coat now sparkles like night stars. On his back are mounted two white feathered wings. The pony is Sea. “Yo-you’re an alicorn.” I stutter. “And you’re dead. How is this possible?”

“Well you see Prodigy. All of those who go to Heaven after they die are granted either wings, a horn, or both.” he explains. “Those who don’t must suffer eternal punishment. This is your’s, Prodigy.”

I look around me and see nothing but white. “How is this a punishment?” I ask. “This is just a blank room.”

“Exactly.” Sea says. “Eternal punishment targets the sinner’s greatest fear. Your’s is not being able to prove yourself, but you have a second. Being totally alone in the world. What you see is what you will see for the rest of eternity. This will be your punishment for what you have done. Unless…” he pauses. “You change your ways. Stop murdering ponies for your own enjoyment. Stop scheming against everypony and help them instead. If not…” He gestures behind him. “You know very well. You think that you have been alone since your parents died. You haven’t been. We have been studying you, watching you intently for a long time. I may not have partaken in it, but I have been informed about it. Those knives of yours are very special. They were forged in Canterlot yes, but they were cooled by an angel’s touch. They were meant to be used by an angel to fight off the things that go bump in the night. Before they could be given out they were stolen. Now you wield the same knives, you have been misusing them. Think about it Prodigy. Now wake up.” His horn lights up and I am blinded by a flash of light.

I wake up and hear the sounds of battle around me. I slowly rise to my hooves and look down to see the bullet wound in my chest has been healed. I look around and see Bunker quickly dispatch of a purple mare. “Bunker!” I boom. “Face me!”

He turns around, he looks extremely surprised. “How is this possible?” He says. “I killed you. You cannot possible be standing in front of me.”

“Well I am. Now face me.” As I say this I attack.

He meets my strike and soon we are exchanging attacks. Eventually I hit him in the face with the back of my knives and he crumples to the ground. I sheath my knives and draw my revolver and I aim it at his head. “Now you are going to tell your army to retreat.” I say. “Or I’m going to blow your brains out.”

He looks at me, his eyes burning with hatred. “Fine!” He spats. “Rebels! Retreat!”

He pushes me away as he gallops back down the way they came, his army right on his heels. The Celestials cheering as the last Rebel disappeared. I look out, not feeling the same excitement. Then I hear Sea’s voice in my ear. ‘You saved many today, Unknown.’ His voice echoes. ‘But your path still contains many obstacles, and it is not a straight path. Today though, you have gotten a little closer to redeeming yourself. We will be watching.’

Begin Chapter 12

Author's Note

Well that was way longer than I wanted it to end up. Oh well that's alright. Thanks for reading.


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