This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actually blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains foul language, violence, and decent amounts of blood. If you are under the age of 13 you should not read this. Read at your own risk.

Begin Chapter 8

(Unknown’s POV)

Sometimes I wonder. I stare off into the horizon and wonder what I’m doing here. For the first eighteen years of my pathetic life I wondered that all the time. The only thing that kept me from being taken by the void of depression was Blue. That lone star in a pitch black sky. Then one day, it flickered and then it was gone. I had lost my guiding light the lone candle in the darkness, keeping you from straying from your path. I would always walk the line of insanity and stability. It’s a very fine line. With Blue spending all her time with Sea, I slipped and fell, hard. Then I started to hear the Voice. It was soft at first, gently coaxing me to bend to it’s will. It’s patience must have run out as it quickly became louder and more demanding. Finally, I gave in. It asked me to join the village’s guard. Then to gain the trust of their leading officer. Then when he’s asleep, to take his life and cause mass disorder and discord in the guard.

I was a fool, and I listened. I joined the guard and within a year I was one of the leading officer’s favorite soldier. One evening he invited me to a feast, with heaps of food and drink. Everyone helped themselves to plenty of wine and strong liquor, but I did not. I wanted my senses to be clear so I can perform the terrible task that I had to do. Soon they became so drunk they could no longer stand and then, one by one, they started to pass out. After several grueling hours, the last pony fell and I snuck up to where the head of the guard slept. Once I reached him I levitated the knife that I strapped to my leg up to his neck. It was a rather plain knife, nothing too special about it. ‘Do it!’ The voice echoed in my head, ‘Or are you to weak to go through with it?’

I respond, ‘I am not weak’ I challenge back, ‘If you're so strong why don’t you come and do it yourself. Instead you make me do it for you.’

‘Ah, but that isn’t how things work.’ The voice responds, ‘If you want to be great in this world, you will follow my orders. Without me, you will be nothing. Now do as I say.’

I think about it for a few minutes. Will I really achieve greatness with the Voice helping me? I want to be someone, to have ponies remember my name for centuries. I decide I will go through with the Voice’s plan. Before I can change my mind again, I press a cloth against his mouth drenched with ether. Then in one swift motion, I slice the knife against his throat. He’ll be dead within minutes. I’m about to walk away when the Voice speaks again, ‘Take his knives.’ It says, ‘The knives he used shall be yours. They are sign of strength and bravery.’ I walk back up to the officer’s body and see two sheaths for knives on either side. Using my magic I remove the sheaths carefully from his cooling body. When I have them secured, I draw one. It’s a long, curved knife with barbs running up and down the blade. They look something an angel would wield to fight off the shadows.

I sheath the knife and quickly, but quietly gallop off. Away from the area, back to my quarters. I throw my old knife over the village walls, no evidence. Finally I reach my quarters and fall to sleep.

I was never caught. No one found my long gone knife, I was safe. I trained and trained, harder than I had ever trained before. I starting learning about stealth and the art of hiding in the shadows, only touching the light to take my prey and retreat back into the darkness. The Voice warned me about an upcoming war, something that would split the land with war and destruction. He was right. Four years after th death of the officer, the Ninpundists arrived and the War at the Rift began. I saw the Ninpundists and thought that they were the most powerful of the two armies. The Voice agreed and I sided with them. The Voice was content for a while. Then, my fight with the Deathly Trio. They gave me a choice. Kill my leading officer or die. I chose the former, without the Voice’s help. I went through with it and defected to the other side after the deed had been done. Then the Voice gave me one last command. Kill the Grieta leader and then flee the battlefield. I was a fool, and listened.

I stole a revolver and a rifle, then fled. I found myself a nice place on a hill and I saw the two armies clashing. I decided to have a little bit of fun. I start raining bullets down upon them. Every kill, every single shot, they never registered. I never thought about killing, I just did it. People who think too much die. Then one day, I had my sights set on a certain pony. The Candlekeeper, he always thought he was something else. He had this kind of atmosphere around him that made me despise him. I put his head in the crosshairs and fired, but instead of hitting him I hit the pony next to him. I cursed myself, I must have sighted him wrong. By the time I was ready to shot again he had disappeared in the sea of ponies.

That missed kill haunted me. I had never failed to kill a target in my life. I was the Prodigy of Death, I did not let my victims go. Soon, the war ended and I never got my chance to get what I wanted. I was angry at myself for letting him go, he was blemish on my perfect record.

I waited for three years, my life was dedicated to finding Candle and tracking him down. Then the Voice spoke in my head for the first time in years. ‘He’s in a place called Ponyville, in the country of Equestria. There you will find you prize. I must say, Prodigy, I am very proud of you. You’ve done this all without my help. Causing mass panic and chaos. Now spread it to Equestria, and claim your prize.

I hitched a ride on a train, straight to Ponyville. The entire time, I was think off all the painful ways I could kill him. He deserved it for making my life like hell on Earth. I had to bide my time though, I couldn’t just kill him right away. I’m going to mess with him a little first…

I leave Sea’s tent, knives dripping with blood. I turn to see Blue walk up to the tent and look in. Then her scream pierces the night. Everypony rushes up to see what is wrong. Then they see the body of Seaswirl, his windpipe punctured. The light in his eyes has faded and his body has begun to cool. Blue is sobbing uncontrollably, begging her love to come back to her. Then she sees me, and angry flashes across her eyes. She sends out her magic and snags the nearest weapon she can reach, Sea’s pistol. She whips it out and points it right at me. “You did it! You murdered him! “She screams, “Admit it! You-you monster. You cold-hearted wrench!”

Epic walks up to Blue and lays a foreleg on her side. “There’s no evidence of that.” Epic says calmly, “Now put the gun down. We don’t need this to get violent.”

I can see the gun quivering. I know Blue hates the things, but will still use them to avenge her dead husband. “No! It’s obvious.” She accuses, “He has always been jealous of Sea. He must still have feelings for me. He had to get rid of the competition.”

Then the gun steadies. Cold dread spreads across my body, she’s going to shoot. Before she can though, Epic and a few other tackle her. “Come on, Blue.” Epic says, “Let’s take a walk.”

She takes the gun from her and slowly leads Blue to the tent opening. Before she leaves, she whispers in my ear. “I know you did it, Prodigy.” She challenges, “You can’t hide from your sins forever, eventually they will come back to haunt you. Mark my words, I will make you pay for this.”

She follows Epic out of the tent. Soon everypony else trickles out as well, and I am left standing there on this bloodstained ground. I should have known that she could see what had truly happened. She’s smart, I’ll give her that. Maybe that’s why I had always admired her in our school years. Maybe I still have feelings for her or maybe not. Sometimes I get confused trying to figure out what exactly I’m thinking. I wonder where all these dark thoughts spawn from, some deep, dark part of my head. ‘I need a walk’ I think to myself.

I slowly walk out of the tent, not looking back. After a while I start to think about the deed I have just done. Killing a pony that was close to another. I have split apart true love, a truly evil crime. Then it hits me like a wave, a strange feeling. One that I am not very familiar with. Then, I realize what emotion it is.


End Chapter 8


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