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Trouble happening to Imperfect

Users from the Made up Character wiki lead by Damon Redwood who is also permablocked from this wiki are attacking him and falesly accuseing him of wrong doings to them even though it's their own fault but they selfishy don't see it that way. Can you please do something about this please? Flashimmer (talk) 19:28, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

Hi there, I'm pretty sure Imperfect is able to look after themselves but if they need help from me, they'd get in touch with me - I'm sure. I've let him know you're concerned. 343TheGuiltyProphet - Contact - Contibs
19:30, April 19, 2020 (UTC)
Damon is about to send another flunky after Imperfect on the Fan Labor wiki or here and Damon wants to convince the entire Fandom Staff to take his side unless you talk to some more sense to Damon Redwood how wrong he is about Imperfect. Flashimmer (talk) 19:35, April 19, 2020 (UTC)
We have had similar conversations already today about other users on Equestria Girls Wiki. I would strongly suggest to try and not feed into it. These people want attention and you're giving it to them. I can assure you, no one will turn people against Imperfect and if they start spouting lies/trying to cause disruption, they'll be blocked.  343TheGuiltyProphet - Contact - Contibs
19:39, April 19, 2020 (UTC)


I don't think he took yer advice well and cuss at you for butting in his business which that's his own fault for not watching his own tone of voice. Flashimmer (talk) 20:01, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks, this has been taken care of. 343TheGuiltyProphet - Contact - Contibs
20:12, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

For the love of God, don’t mini-mod. Sounding the alarm in #wiki is sufficient. Diving into my PMs on the topic when you spot me walking through the door not even a minute later is excessive. Having a spat with the problem user about “cussing” and leaving me to wade through it is annoying. I expect better from you while you are effectively on probation. Guildmaster Grovyle (talk) 20:27, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

We didn't get into any spat, it was one message, there was no back and forth. Apart from that one message, I'd never spoken to them before so I think calling it a "spat" is a bit far-fetched. I can assure you, I tried my best to word my message to said user in a way that made it clear I wasn't any authority figure. I can however see why this would cross the line into mini-modding so I apologize for that, I won't do so anymore until/if I get my admin rights back.
Thanks,  343TheGuiltyProphet - Contact - Contibs
20:49, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Mini Modding?

Um why do think I'm Mini Modding and telling Guildmaster to check on me? I was just trying to be helpful and hope I don't make any mistakes or geting in trouble.

But you are right, I'm sorry and can you tell Guildmaster again cause Imperfect took care of it for you and Guildmaster that everything is okay I promise I wont dissapoint you'll again thank you. Flashimmer (talk) 16:43, May 16, 2020 (UTC)

Hi, it's not my place to let you know about mini-modding and that's why I left a message for Grov. I can see that Imperfect has taken care of it. Don't worry about it, mistakes happen.
 343TheGuiltyProphet - Contact - Contibs
17:22, May 16, 2020 (UTC)
Thanks and I did left a message to Guildmaster to know that everything is under control for now. Flashimmer (talk) 17:27, May 16, 2020 (UTC)

June 2020 featured article discussion

Hi, 343. So, this message is related to the discussion around the featured articles for June. You've started the discussion by suggesting that June should be a pets-themed month and nomiated four articles related to that theme. However, I brought up the fact that two of the articles you've suggested (Angel and Tank) have already been featured, so I suggested two different articles for pets that haven't been featured (Winona and Philomena) in place of those two.

I'm making this post to remind you that we're a couple days until June begins, and you haven't responded to my suggestions yet, so I just want to know what you think about the suggestions I made before the month ends because I don't want to resolve the discussion until I got your thoughts given you started the discussion. Sunset_Shimmer_happy.png Golden Bluebird Sunset_Shimmer_cutie_mark.png 04:44, May 30, 2020 (UTC)

Hello! Thanks for reminding me, for some reason - I didn't get the email from Fandom to tell me about all these changes. I've left my two pence. Thanks!  343TheGuiltyProphet - Contact - Contibs
18:17, May 30, 2020 (UTC)
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