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  • I live in The U S OF A
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Welcome to the Friendship is Magic Wiki, Godzillafan1978!

Thank you for contributing!

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Thanks again, and have fun editing! Lightening McQueen (talk) 05:33, May 20, 2019 (UTC)

Blog posts

You're posting a lot of blog posts within a short amount of time, and your most recent blog post was your third one in a single day. How about letting your recent posts accrue a few responses before moving on to the next? furdklZ.png 2xoHxMt.gif 02:31, April 24, 2020 (UTC)

Godzillafan1978, the nature of your blog posts and outright demands for answers to questions you ask in them is beginning to come off as needlessly aggressive, as they do not foster a healthy environment for discussion. Your blog posts come off less as thought-provoking conversation starters and more as forceful queries to which you're looking for very specific answers, especially when you become impatient and straight up demand answers from other users in the comments.
That is not how you foster meaningful discussion on the Wiki, and it is not an appropriate use of your personal user blog. If you continue to use your blog in this manner, you will see (at best) the comment sections in your blog posts closed or (at worst) your blog posts deleted entirely. Thank you. furdklZ.png 2xoHxMt.gif 06:10, May 16, 2020 (UTC)

Messages to other users

Godzillafan1978, your behavior on Bigpurplemuppet99's talk page mirrors your behavior in your blog posts: persistently asking questions and becoming impatient/demanding when you don't get an immediate response. It doesn't mean you're being ignored, and this behavior is tantamount to harassment. If you cannot be patient and continue to engage in such messaging, you may receive a disciplinary block. Thank you. furdklZ.png 2xoHxMt.gif 21:09, June 9, 2020 (UTC)

And if you don't get a response at all, you stop pressing for one and move on. It's as simple as that. furdklZ.png 2xoHxMt.gif 22:25, June 9, 2020 (UTC)
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